4 Oct

What a great week this has been so far! Wednesday was my actual birthday but the fun is still continuing tonight…and tomorrow…and in a couple of weekends… 🙂 Love it. During naptime my mother-in-law came by with a bag of birthday goodies and Grandma came by too! Vicki surprised me with all kinds of fun things, especially a dress that I am hoping to wear soon. She also got me my first pair of “crocs” which I have always been against (and still am against the cloggy ones with hole all over them) but these are a flip-flop type and are SO comfortable! New daycare shoes for sure.


Grandma got me a rock! That might sound strange but for those who don’t know me, I have an enormous rock collection in a curio cabinet. I used to buy rocks and get exotic rocks as presents all the time but no one has gotten me a rock in some years. Well she saw this gorgeous specimen out in Colorado and knew it was the perfect gift for me- she was right.



Blue is my favorite color and this rock is brilliantly blue (though it looks purpley at times) and beautiful!


So Wednesday on the exercise front I did 30 minutes on the gazelle and went to spin class after work (69 minutes, 24.1 miles, 436 calories). Once I got home from spin I got ready for dinner and we left as soon as Zach got home.


We headed downtown to the new restaurant Barn Brasserie and I had the best meal I’ve had there yet! Their menu changes every month and there were several good looking dishes for October, I’m going to need to go back. I had a glass of wine in a cute little ball jar with my dinner:


I also got to open a present and card from Zach-


The card I expected but I didn’t think I would get a present too since we are having a big getaway in a couple of weekends but he is so thoughtful. 🙂 I got two new, nice Camelbak water bottles, my favorite brand! He knows me so well. For dinner I had the chicken blt: ground chicken, sun-dried tomato pesto, bacon marmalade, asiago cheese, lettuce and herb mayo.


The meal comes with fries but I subbed those out for balsamic brussels and I also ordered the herb mayo on the side. I barely even used the mayo because this sandwich was SO fantastic without it! I mean incredibly good. I only ate half the sandwich and half the brussels and I was totally satisfied but my mouth wanted to keep eating the sandwich just for taste’s sake! The other half of that meal is still in my fridge waiting to be enjoyed… 🙂

Zach had apple cider chicken with sweet potatoes and it was good too, he was super pleased with his meal!


We drew all over the “tablecloth” like kids. 🙂


Then they brought me out a small slice of peanut butter pie for free!


That was so nice of them but I was already looking forward to eating my last small slice of that Concannon’s mini cake (I’ve been making it last surprisingly!) so I only had 2 bites and let Zach have the rest. 🙂 My 2 bites were great though! It was a wonderful birthday day and I’m looking forward to all the celebrating yet to come!

IMG_5325 IMG_5326


Thursday I only did half of my booty call because the morning was surprisingly busy. I walked with Mom after work on the Greenway for 35 minutes (2.23 miles, 192 calories). Then I ate some Fiber One with peanut butter for dinner 🙂 and went to movie night at Ryan’s. Now it’s Friday and I have a half day!! Plans: a long Greenway workout, showering, menu planning, the gym and then getting ready for a nice dinner in Indy with Mom, Dad and Zach! Hooray! Tomorrow promises to be another fun and busy day and I am all around so pumped up for this weekend. So far I love 25!!!

Other big news for today: 1,003 miles. I DID IT! It’s barely October and I hit my 1,000 miles of cardio in 2013 goal! I am so excited! 🙂 Let’s see how far I can take this before 2014…



  1. victoria October 5, 2013 at 10:00 am #

    Congratulations on the mileage. That is a super accomplishment!! You should be so proud of your dedication and consistency.

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