27 Sep

I have been a non-existent home chef this week!! Between a night of leftovers, a meal out, a meal at the parents and a night of thrown together pantry staples I haven’t touched the stove! That will change tonight though as I have a new and unique recipe I am trying out. For now though I unfortunately have no recipes, events or pretty pictures. Just a few more workout stats…

Wednesday- morning 30 minutes of gazelle, afternoon 35 minutes of gazelle, evening sprints for 32 minutes on the treadmill + 6 minutes on the arc trainer (2.57 miles and 265 calories).

Thursday- NO morning gazelle! That’s pretty unlike me but I was a feeling a little burned out from “over-gazelling” it for the past two days. After work walk on the Greenway with Mom (1.87 miles, 32 minutes, 191 calories). After the walk I had a delicious meal at Mom’s of summer vegetables, mushroom pork with brown rice and some herby pull-apart bread. I normally pass on the bread but I made an exception for this because it was SO GOOD! I headed to Ryan’s with friends after dinner for movie night. We watched a British horror film that was both interesting and very, very odd. Haha! Came home right when Zach was getting back from soccer. I am so glad he’ll be around tonight, we sure miss each other this time of year!

976 miles.


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