23 Sep

Saturday pushed on in a busy fashion with a trip to the bank, a shower, a stop by Hillary’s, a trip to the hospital to visit my grandpa (he had a heart attack on Friday but is already home and doing MUCH, much better) and another workout! I love strength in the morning but I definitely still need some cardio so I did 1hr. 3min (385 calories, 3.91 miles) on the Greenway and it was a beautiful day out.

Zach and I were supposed to be having a double date with our friends Tim and Jami but unfortunately Tim wasn’t feeling well at all on Saturday so it ended up just being Jami and I! I met her at her apartment in Noblesville and then she drove us downtown to a new-ish place called Plat 99. It’s in the newer hotel The Alexander and is positively amazing!!


It’s a bar/lounge that also does small plates and the atmosphere + view is out of this world.


Jami and I each got cocktails and then picked out a couple of things off the small plates list. First we shared a small order of tortilla chips and homemade salsa:

IMG_5198 IMG_5197


Followed by Indiana shrimp tacos (it came with two and we each had one):


All their food is hand-made with natural, local ingredients so of course I love that. 🙂 We stayed until dark and had just the best time enjoying our drinks and catching up with each other!


I headed home before it got too late and came back to find friends at our house! We played some cards and then had an impromptu dance party which is always a lot of fun. 🙂

IMG_5209 IMG_5211 IMG_5219 IMG_5224

Sunday there was beautiful weather and I spent an hour and 27 minutes on the Greenway (4.98 miles, 492 calories). The day mostly involved cleaning, menu planning and a dash of our new shows- Parks and Rec for our new comedy and Breaking Bad for a new drama. We just started both on Netflix so we’ll see how we like them! Sunday night Zach had guys over for a beer night and I went to a night class at our church with Mom. My parents took me out for dinner after and I had breakfast. 🙂 The night ended with Zach and HIMYM which we are ALMOST all caught up on. I hate that season 8 isn’t on Netflix yet because we have to watch it on the laptop.

Facing down another week now, let’s make it a good one!

959.5 miles.


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