21 Sep

I’ve been hustling in my workouts AND made a dish with the word hustle in the title last night! Thursday I had a half day of work and I made the most of it. Despite the rain, I hit the Greenway for a 1hr. 5 minute walk/run (4.1 miles, 385 calories). I posted this status when I got home:

“I went for a run in the rain on the Greenway today and didn’t see another living soul for the whole hour and five minutes. As I run I’m thinking, “It’s not raining THAT bad…if I’M out here running then where are all the crazy athletic people who don’t care about a little rain, who love being outdoors and exercising?” Then it hit me- I am that crazy person. If you would have told me just a few years ago that I would turn into someone like that, someone who works out for FUN I would have laughed in your face! Yet here I am…running in the rain.”

It’s a pretty good feeling, running in the rain. 🙂 Once I got home I changed and headed with Zach to a boy’s away game in Marion. I got to ride the bus which is always fun to do with all the kids! We lost the game, but I had a good time getting to sit the bench during the game with the players like my old days of being a soccer statistician in highschool (back when Zach was the kid on the field!!).


I also came prepared with leftover tamale casserole in tupperware and a baggie of tortilla chips and I ate these during the game. Glad I did because everyone stopped at a Taco Bell/KFC combo restaurant on the way home. NO thanks!

Friday I was a little tired from getting home late the night before but I plowed into my morning gazelle workout anyway and felt more awake when I was done. 🙂 After work I hit the gym for 45 minutes of turbo kick (1.42 miles, 305 calories). While I was at the gym, this foil pack was in my oven:


Actually there were two of them, and they were filled with this:


I made a “Hustle n’ brussels Foil Pack Attack” from my “Hungry Girl 1-2-3” cookbook. We were having family dinner night at Zach’s parents and it was my job to provide a side. This covered the realms of both vegetable and starch and was healthy to boot! During naptime I chopped brussels, red potatoes and red onion and tossed them with EVOO, dried rosemary, sea salt and chopped fresh garlic. This sat in the fridge until I left for the gym at which time I wrapped them in foil packs and roasted them in the oven. When I got home they were ready to go!

I meant to take a picture of dinner but I was so hungry it disappeared! The hustle n’ brussels dish was great as was the shrimp/veggie/brown rice stir fry that Vicki made! Mary (Zach’s uncle’s wife who has a son in my daycare!) made a lemon pudding cake thing for dessert that was also good. We put together a great dinner! 🙂 After dinner we played Taboo, girls vs. boys. We played two games total and each team won once, a nice little compromise. 😉 Came home and crashed hard, I was tired!!

This morning I got up, ate a peach and headed to the gym for 45 minutes of strength training. I am so, so glad that this is part of my routine again! Now I’ve got a full, busy day ahead with the promise of lots of fun! 🙂

951.5 miles.


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