19 Sep

Over half way through the week now AND I have a half day today! Now that’s exciting. 🙂 Once Kathy gets here I am hitting the Greenway for a workout (provided it stops raining!) and then riding the bus with Zach and his boy’s team for an away game. I’m really looking forward to it as I rarely get the chance to attend away games.

Yesterday was a good, quick day of daycare and before I knew it I was at spinning at the Y and saving a bike for Hillary. She came for the second time last night! I got in 73 minutes, 25.7 miles and 451 calories of great spin class exercise. When we got home the house smelled great and my crockpot dinner was almost ready! All I had to do was add some FF cheddar cheese to the pot and let it melt. Dinner was called Slow-Cooked Tamale Casserole and we ate it with tortilla chips.


Four hours earlier I cooked up lean ground beef while mixing an egg with unsweetened almond milk and cornmeal. When the cornmeal mix was smooth I added in corn, diced tomatoes (undrained), a packet of chili seasoning, ground beef and seasoned salt. It also called for olives but I omitted them since Hillary doesn’t like them. 🙂 Like I mentioned, I added the cheese at the end and it was ready!


Yet another simple, healthy and tasty dinner!



We ate up and watched old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy until my sweet husband got home. A good, relaxing evening. 🙂

Enjoy your Thursday!

*spin + morning gazelle puts me at 945 miles.


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