18 Sep

It was a gorgeous night for soccer last night!

IMG_5175 IMG_5180


Our girls won but unfortunately our boys lost. This just isn’t their best season this year…the girls are looking sharp though! Backing up…

I did my 30 minutes on the gazelle in the morning and then went for a quick 28 minute neighborhood walk with Mom after work (1.32 miles, 132 calories). That’s all we had time for because dinner needed to be pulled out of the oven and we needed to eat and get to the game! Dinner was a very simple, delicious recipe from one of my “Taste of Home: Healthy Living” magazines. It was called Crunchy Onion Barbecue Chicken. This could hardly have been any easier! After work I just dipped chicken breasts in bbq sauce then in a mix of shredded parmigiano reggiano + pepper + crushed french fried onions.


Baked in the oven while we walked and was ready when we returned!



We had a side of broccoli and cauliflower seasoned with alaea salt that I thought might be good on it but I actually did not care for that seasoning on these vegetables at all!



The chicken, on the other hand, was fabulous!!



Mom and I both totally loved this. The crunchy outside tasted amazing and the bbq sauce had kept the chicken nice and moist while baking. Definitely one that will be a repeat! This evening Zach will be gone and I have another new recipe to try out, this time on my friend Hillary. Happy Hump Day! 🙂

935.5 miles.


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