15 Sep

One of the only things I miss about blogging in real time (when I did it 3 times a day!) is that now I feel as though I am always behind! I always have so many updates to write about and pictures to edit. So without further ado…updates! 🙂

Thursday: On the workout front I did my morning gazelle and then, knowing I had little to no time for a workout after work, I did a ZWOW. It’s been a little while since I did one and I thought I was on number 8 so that is the one I did. Now though I am pretty sure I skipped 7! ZWOW8 was a timed challenge and the goal was to complete 6 rounds of the following in as little time as possible:

  • Forward/Backward squat jumps – 10 reps
  • Dragon lunge back – 10 reps
  • Toe touch jump up – 10 reps
  • Side plank leg lifts – 10 reps each side

This wasn’t the hardest ZWOW I’ve done but not the easiest either. A good workout overall in 17 minutes! After work I had only the briefest amount of time so I laced up my shoes and rushed out the door for a 16 minute walk (.98 miles, 102 calories) in my neighborhood. Something is ALWAYS better than nothing! I was in such a hurry because I was meeting Leah for dinner!


We met up halfway and had dinner at Mo’s Irish Pub. We got to sit out on the patio and talk all things baby. 🙂 She’s due in just over two months! We don’t get to see each other nearly enough. Especially considering I used to get to see her almost every day! I ordered what sounded good to me which was a vegetable sandwich but I made good choices surrounding it such as getting fruit as my side, ordering the red pepper mayo on the side and taking off the top pieces of bread to eat it open-faced. The cheese, of course, stayed on. 😉

Friday: Friday began with, what else, the gazelle. It was a good workday and before I knew it I was off and heading to turbo kick. I only had time to do 30 of the 45 minutes but I made sure to put in the best effort I could to make the most of my workout! I arrived right as class was starting and since I jumped right into warming up I forgot to start my Fitbit! I never do that… After turbo I rushed home and ate a little of the leftover pasta. I spiced it up by adding sauteed mushrooms and red pepper flakes. So good! Then Brooke got here and we colored my hair. Not really a new color, it just needed freshening up. We finished right before meeting Hillary to get Leah presents for her baby shower the next day. Brooke, Hillary, Alysha and I were having a girl’s night since the guys were all in Indy. Brooke, Hillary and I got ready,


picked up Alysha, and went out to the Village to have a drink. We had a really fun time just hanging out, people watching, checking out the new Dill Street and talking the night away.

DSCF9503 DSCF9509 DSCF9513

I wasn’t staying out super late so I headed home before everyone else and got in bed for a good rest since I knew morning would come all too soon…

Saturday: Popped up on this morning excited for a return to strength training! It had been ages since I had been and it was high time I returned. I have been doing so much cardio over the past several months and now that it’s helped me drop some weight I knew it was time to re-incorporate weight training. My body is ready for some toning! 🙂 It was 45 minutes of great exercise. I could definitely tell that it had been months since I’d gone! I used to use 10 pounders for everything and the occasional 12. This time I used 8’s for it all and actually had to drop to 5’s a few times! Eek. Not good. But that’s why I am going- to get stronger again! 🙂 I did track the workout on my Fitbit but it’s useless to post stats from because you don’t gain any mileage in strength training and calories burned don’t really reflect the work put in since it’s less about burning calories and more about building muscle!

After strength I spent the first part of the day going birthday shopping with my Mom! My birthday is not for another 2 1/2 weeks, but she took me to Kohls to spend a certain amount of money and she had a 30% off for the total that needed to be used now. It was so much fun and I found so many good deals! So many cute fall clothes. 🙂 Sadly, I don’t get them until my actual birthday. Can’t wait! I got home from shopping only to head right back out with Hillary and Brooke to go to Leah’s baby shower! That’s for the next post though. Too many pictures to edit from last night to post about it yet!

929 miles.


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