9 Sep


Do you recognize that name? Because I wouldn’t have before last night! Jerrod Niemann is a country singer and while I am not a huge country fan, I was excited to go with my group of friends to hear him live last night. He was really good! But I am getting ahead of myself. Backing up to my half day- when Kathy got there I showered and then hit the Greenway for workout #2 of the day (gazelle was #1 like always). I walked/jogged and read my way for 38 minutes, 2.53 miles and 249 calories. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and after my workout I spend the next 2 hours floating around the pool having a great chat with my mother-in-law. If only all gorgeous, sunny afternoons could be spent in such a fashion! At 5 I changed back into workout clothes and headed to the gym for workout #3! I was going to go to turbo and leave a little early but it was a different teacher I didn’t know and there were only 2 people in there and I felt funny about having to leave early so I just worked out on equipment instead. A 16 minute treadmill walk and 16 minutes on the arc trainer gave me 2.3 miles and 157 calories burned. I rushed home afterwards and got ready for a night with friends! Brooke, Everett, Hillary, me and Zach all took off for Indy in our “cowboy clothes” for 8 Seconds Saloon.


Zach was our faithful driver. 🙂 We got there, got our general admission tickets and found a spot and a drink. We watched another band play first and were having a fantastic time!

IMG_4965 IMG_4969 IMG_4982

Then Christine and her friend Kaitlyn showed up! Christine is my friend who lives in South Carolina and she is in Indy visiting just for the weekend and came to see me!


Finally it was Jerrod’s turn on stage and we had a lot of fun singing along to songs that we had only just learned in the car on the way down. 🙂 We sang, danced, tried to follow the line dance steps…and kept going until our feet were about to fall off!

IMG_5002 IMG_5019

It was an absolutely fantastic Friday! We got home in the wee hours of the morning and crashed. Today I got up and went and watched Zach play flag football with a team of guys from our church.


He is such a natural athlete, he did awesome! He got a few touchdowns, caught several passes, stole guys flags and was just all around great! He had to leave from there and go right to soccer and I got in a workout. I went for a 54 minute walk (3.6 miles, 294 calories) in the hot, hot sun! Home now cleaning up and looking forward to Zach getting home. 🙂

911.5 miles.


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