4 Sep

It all began Sunday morning with an early wake-up time. Zach had to be at church early to run slides and I got up and squeezed in a workout since I knew there would be no time the rest of the day! A 25 minute neighborhood walk (1.42 miles, 130 calories) and then home to clean up, pack up and head to church. Mom and I taught, Zach ran slides and Dad played piano so we were all involved and busy but once it was over we all scurried home to grab the final stuff and set out on the road!

Three hours later….

We reached our first stop- French Lick Winery! All 4 of us did a tasting and picked out our favorite wines.


We got a bottle and sat in the cafe area enjoying wine and the prospect of our exciting day ahead.


When we were done we headed to our hotel- the French Lick Resort. Our room was small but lovely and the hotel itself is gorgeous!

IMG_4702 IMG_4683

We changed into swimsuits and headed straight for the pool. There was a DJ playing at the outdoor pool and a cool dolphin sculpture in the indoor pool.




We stayed long enough to take some pictures, wade around and people watch.

DSCF9473 DSCF9484

Then it was on to the next event! Back to the room for a small amount of card playing/wine drinking before getting ready for dinner.

IMG_1275 IMG_4708

We caught the shuttle to the Don Ross Golf Course where we had a looong wait to eat at Hagen’s Clubhouse. Luckily we got to sit on a beautiful veranda sipping drinks and watching an incredible sunset!

IMG_4737 IMG_4740 IMG_4744 IMG_4755 IMG_4757

It was dark by the time we got seated on the outdoor porch and we were starving. My dinner came with a salad that was pretty measly, but Zach’s crab corn chowder was great.


My dinner was called a “Hole-in-one Hot Brown” and was some type of turkey with a gravy and toast points. I have never had anything like this and it was really, really good!


Mom and Zach got ribs that were also super good- just falling off the bone style. Post dinner we had some antics waiting on the shuttle…


Then made our way back to our room to change before the next part of the night.


We went to a lounge in our hotel called the Power Plant which was really in the old power plant room.


We listened to a jazz band play some smooth music and then made our way to the casino. (Our hotel had it all!) Zach and Mom both played some machines but I hate putting money in just to lose it so I refrained.


Unfortunately they didn’t strike it rich. 😉 We listened to the DJ in the casino lounge before ending the night on the playground! 🙂

IMG_4798 IMG_4811 IMG_4820

After our busy day we retired to our room for a deep sleep.


Next morning.

We woke up and headed to The Grand Colonnade for brunch.


They had a breakfast buffet with an omelette station, a waffle station, an oatmeal station and so much more! I got this plate first:


Then I shared a spinach/mushroom/peppers omelette with Zach and I ate a quarter of his waffle. Definitely better than your average hotel breakfast! At this point we had to pack up our room and check out but we didn’t leave after putting our stuff in the car, we began exploring! Our hotel grounds are immense and there were so many cool things to look at:

IMG_1297 IMG_1311 IMG_1312 IMG_1329 IMG_4860 IMG_4871

Grand architecture, old mineral springs, little ponds, trails in the woods… We also took a final look all around our hotel.

IMG_4850 IMG_1336 IMG_1342 IMG_4894 IMG_4890 IMG_4884 IMG_4885

Our resort has a sister resort just a mile away called West Baden and we knew that we wanted to go check that one out too so we rented a surry!


Before we rented this thing I didn’t even know what it was called, haha, but it’s like a 4 person bike and everyone sits and pedals and it’s awfully funny. 🙂


We had the best time steering this thing around. We went and checked out West Baden and it’s crazy atrium. The dome of this hotel is incredible! We did more exploring around…

IMG_4913 IMG_4921

then drove our surry back to French Lick singing show tunes all the while. 🙂 We’re quite the family…

We returned our surry and left French Lick behind, amazed at all we had accomplished in just a 20 hour period!! Half way home we stopped off at Mallow Run Winery and Zach, Mom and I did a tasting.


We got a cheese and cracker plate for all of us and we sat outside enjoying some wine to end our labor day festivities!

IMG_4933 IMG_1370 IMG_4934

What an absolutely perfect, quick getaway!! We were actually pretty busy with friends once we got home but I will save that for a separate post!

*Tuesday workout: did a 42 minute walk with Mom after work (1.92 miles, 224 calories)

889.5 miles.


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