31 Aug

Whew! Between last night and this morning my body is seriously sore! I am totally loving it though. 🙂 Yesterday was a normal workday followed up by a great 45 minutes of turbo kick (2.1 miles, 314 calories). We had a different teacher than normal and sometimes that’s tough but I actually really liked her and had a great class! Ate some leftovers for dinner and watched a scary movie while waiting for Zach to get home from a soccer function. He got home right before I headed out though! (We had separate plans for the evening which would normally not be typical on a Friday BUT we get to spend the whole weekend plus an extra day together since it’s a long weekend, hooray!!) Zach was having some guys over to play some video games and I went over to Hillary’s to hang out with her a little bit before going out with some girlfriends. I drove myself out though because I wasn’t really drinking or staying out late, I was just there to socialize. 🙂


Socialize I did and I had a fun time with the girls and headed out right at midnight to go home for a good night’s sleep with my love!

Woke up this morning ready to go. 🙂 I love that. Had a slice of toast with apple cinnamon jelly and Zach and I hit the Greenway for a great walk/run. The route I have chosen to always do now is exactly 5.4 miles and we were out for 1hr and 16min. (521 calories). I would like to see that time get lower and lower! Now we’ve eaten a light lunch and are getting lots accomplished around the house. We’ve got a date in Indy tonight to take advantage one more time of Devour Downtown and then tomorrow we’re headed for a mini-getaway with Mom and Dad for Labor Day weekend that I am SOO SO excited about!!

887 miles.


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