31 Aug

Zach and I both have some serious German roots (what with our last name being Rabenstein and my Mom’s maiden name being Schwartzkopf…yeah…) and tonight we celebrated that ancestry! Actually we just went out for some really scrumptious German food. 🙂 After a day full of cleaning, rearranging, packing for our little trip and card playing we got ready and set out for Indy.


This week’s “Indy Monthly” restaurant we chose was called The Rathskellar and is most obviously a German place. I have actually eaten there once before but Zach never had and it was a good time to go what with the Devour Downtown specials going on. We both got beers to start out with and mine was a Kristal Veiss (or something like that) and was 10oz of awesomeness!


Seriously this beer was so good. Great wheat flavor with a nice finish of fall spices. Then they brought out there bread/pretzel basket and insanely hot mustard dipping sauce. I swear that stuff is 3 parts horseradish to 1 part mustard! I only had a small piece of the fresh pretzel but it was yummy. For dinner Zach did the devour downtown special and I got a greek salad and we shared everything. He got to choose an appetizer and got the wurst salat. I only ate one bite of this to try the meat on it because I had a salad on the way! My dinner was a greek salad that was great and so huge I only ate half of it! (Dressing on the side.)


Zach got the jaeger schintzel with a side of sauerkraut and a side of spaetzle noodles.


Schnitzel is breaded pork loin and the jaeger style has a wild mushroom wine sauce. I tried bites of all his food and it was delicious! The best part of the meal though was sharing the german chocolate cheesecake for dessert.


Wow this was to die for! I let Zach have most of it in the interest of conserving calories but I could have easily eaten the whole thing. 🙂 It’s all about moderation though! After dinner we went outside to the Biergarten and each got a beer.


I got the same kind I had had indoors but it did not taste the same at all! I left several ounce of it because it just wasn’t right. We sat down to listen to the live music but encountered a bit of rain, so I hid in my umbrella…


It was a really fun night downtown!

IMG_4649 IMG_4657

Then we got back home and took a lovely 20 minute evening walk. More exercise never hurts! 😉 Now we’re settling in with a movie and are very excited for tomorrow!!!


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