30 Aug

What an unusual technique I used while cooking last night’s dinner! I was having Hillary over for the evening so I knew I needed to make something she would like and I went with Chicken Cordon Bleu from “Now Eat This!”. This was a healthy take (of course ;)) on chicken cordon bleu stripping it from 1,360 calories (81g of fat) to 333 calories (6.6g of fat)!!

Nap-time was when I made the cheesy filling in a most unusual way… In a saucepan I whisked evaporated skim milk with cornstarch over heat until thickened then stirred in swiss cheese until melted and smooth. Added S+P and chives and then came the strange yet brilliant component! I sprayed an ice cube tray down with cooking spray and then filled 8 holes with the melty, cheesy mixture and stuck it in the freezer.

IMG_4616 IMG_4617

It was left there until I got off work and it had frozen. After work but before my workout I pounded chicken cutlets thin, laid a slice of lean deli ham on top, a cheese cube (it called for two but I could only actually fit 2 in one of the chickens, the others all got 1 cube) and then rolled it up and toothpicked it together.


The bundle was dredged in WW flour, soaked in egg whites (whipped to foaming) and then rolled in WW bread crumbs.


While Mom and I walked on the Greenway the chicken cooked in the oven and was ready when I got back! I made accompanying salads and melted down the extra cheese cubes to put a little sauce on top and it was dinner time.


Hillary came over to see “The Hobbit” and we enjoyed our food while watching. We both liked the chicken!


I do think the outside breading got a little too dry but I imagine it’s because I cooked at a longer time at a lower temperature than the recipe said, otherwise very good though!


We had fun watching the movie and it was nice to have company since it was one of Zach’s late away-game nights. Hooray for Friday!

*Workout updates*

Wednesday: 30 minutes gazelle, 77 minutes spin class (25.9 miles, 509 calories!). I got in a great spin class this week! Had a lot of time, felt energized and powerful and it was fun! I went straight from spin to Zach’s varsity girl’s home game. It was a beautiful evening for soccer…


And we won 8-1!

Thursday: 30 minutes gazelle, 31 minute walk (1.53 miles, 130 calories)

878.5 miles.

One Response to “CHEESY ICE CUBES”

  1. White Pearl August 30, 2013 at 6:31 pm #

    This sounds like an awesome idea ! I loved this creativity 😉 Specially when it invilves my beloved cheese 😛 Love the post

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