27 Aug

Still playing weekend catch-up! Saturday I got up and Zach was already gone at an away soccer game which I would be meeting him at after a bit. I had left my purse at Hillary’s the night before so my morning workout turned into biking over to her apartment and biking home with a heavy purse! At least I figured out it really doesn’t take that long to bike there… 🙂

I quickly got ready and headed to some little town about an hour away to watch Zach’s girl’s varsity team play. They lost 5-2 but played decently and it was nice to actually get to a game this season! I believe the girls are 3-2 right now and the boys are 2-1. (I am actually headed to see a boy’s game tonight!!) After the game Zach came with me instead of going on the bus and we headed to Indy for a date. We first stopped at Bier Brewery for…what else? A beer! We did a tasting of a few beers and then each got a drink. I got a pint of “Farm Gal” which is a saison, my favorite style of beer. It was very good!


After this we headed to Broad Ripple Park to kill some time and because it was a beautiful afternoon. We walked a path around the park for about a 20 minute walk but we also stopped to take pictures, admire the river and check out creepy bug shells. 🙂

IMG_4539 IMG_4547 IMG_4559

We had early dinner reservations downtown Indy at Iaria’s- one of the places in Indy Monthly we have been looking at visiting. This is the perfect time to visit downtown restaurants because a 2 week event called “Devour Downtown” is going on. All the restaurants either have special deals or have a prix fixe menu of several offerings. We chose Iaria’s because of the deal: $35 for 2 people to get an appetizer, 3 mini entrees to create an entree sampler and a dessert.  Unfortunately this place was more than sub-par. The restaurant itself was very old and chintzy looking but as we know, sometimes it is places like that that turn out the best food. Not this time. It started with a bread basket of cracker packages and bread that looked like a loaf bought at any store and cut up. I had part of a piece but it wasn’t anything special. For our appetizer we chose the wedge salad:


Limp lettuce. A few shrivelly tomatoes. Redeeming quality to this was the bleu cheese dressing. Our entree picks were: fettucini alfredo, manicotti and chicken parmesan (picture taken BEFORE these were all split in half to share)


The fettucini was not bad but it wasn’t good, just very bland and so-so. I would have rather had Fazoli’s! The chicken parmesan was a bit chewy and not exactly the finest cut of chicken but at least it was warm because the manicotti was NOT. The manicotti was not cool as in “sat under the warmer too long” but rather flat-out cold. Cold like it had never been fully cooked in the first place! I know this is a terrible review, but if you read my blog often then you know that I like almost everything and normally have more than glowing reviews to dole out! So know that if I was unimpressed then most likely everyone would be.

The best part of the meal was our dessert-


Chocolate cake that, while not that special, was still a good piece of chocolate cake.

We came home to Muncie to play cards with Mom and Dad!



IMG_4576 IMG_4580

We taught them a new game and the four of us had a blast playing repeatedly over the next couple of hours until finally Zach and I decided to head back home. The night ended with one of our favorites- a fort. 🙂

IMG_4590 IMG_4598

We love to build forts and watch movies, keeps you young. 🙂 We watched “Warm Bodies” and loved it, of course, because how could we not love a zombie comedy? Despite the blah meal it was a great day and night!!

On to Sunday! Sunday we got up and went to church and then I returned home alone. Zach had a fantasy football draft with church members so I took the time to clean up the whole house and go for a nice, long neighborhood walk/read. Every year Muncie has an event downtown called “Rib Fest” and we had never been. Our friends Brooke and Everett wanted to go and we decided to go with them to see what it was all about. I termed it “my first and last year at Rib Fest” haha. It wasn’t that terrible, it just wasn’t that exciting! Plus we thought we would get to sample lots of ribs before buying some to eat but nobody was sampling except for one tent! We tried the ribs from that tent, loved them and decided to just get those. All four of us split a slab and they really were tasty ribs.


We all sat under the karaoke tent and watched the end of a contest in which a 13 year old girl won and she was quite good! We had fun but it wasn’t something I need to do again. 🙂



The evening was low-key with some relaxing and movie watching to round out another great, summer weekend!

*Monday’s workouts: 30 minutes gazelle, 25 minutes treadmill (all I had time for!) (1.58 miles, 168 calories)

I had to squeeze in gym time last night super fast because Bible study was at our house again this week and I got off work late! I rushed to the gym, rushed in a workout, rushed home and showered and crammed down some leftovers right as everyone was getting there!

863 miles.


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