22 Aug

Last night when I walked in the door dinner was ready! Yep. It was a crockpot night. The recipe came from my “Best of Country Slow Cooker Recipes” cookbook titled “Meal in One” and it truly was. I cooked up ground beef with onion and mixed it in the crockpot with:

  • one can of mushrooms stems and pieces
  • one can of whole kernel corn
  • salsa
  • a green pepper
  • S+P

Then I poured a bag of whole wheat egg noodles over the mixture, topped with an undrained large can of diced tomatoes and a cup of water then left it alone! Right before I left for spin class I added shredded cheddar cheese (fat free) and when I arrived home it was ready!


I love an all-in-one meal!


It tasted good and flavorful and overall there was nothing wrong with it but it wasn’t my favorite recipe ever. I felt like it would have tasted so much better with chicken! Still good though.



This week…

Monday- I was TIRED. No booty call on this day but I did drag myself to the gym for 31 minutes on the treadmill at an incline (168 calories, 1.4 miles). Hosted Bible study at our house on this night (even though Zach had to miss because of soccer :() since the people who normally host just had a baby!!

Tuesday- 30 minutes on the gazelle, 57 minute Greenway walk with Mom (274 calories, 2.8 miles). Then I had a great dinner at Mom and Dad’s that night that REALLY closely resembled the meal I made Wednesday…haha!

Wednesday- 30 minutes on the gazelle, 59 minute spin class (19.3 miles, 372 calories), 15 minute walk with Zach (.66 miles, 72 calories). I did really well in spin class but my stats are low because I was missing the extra 15 minutes I normally have because I got off work late! I ate dinner alone and watched a movie this night since Zach was away at soccer- this is pretty much how life will be the next two months! I am really looking forward to actually GOING to some of the games but a lot of the time it’s impossible because they start before I get off or are away and leave before I get off. I’m going to make it to as many as I can though!

845 miles. Man I am going to SMASH my 1,00 miles by 2014 goal and I am going to come nowhere close to my 200 by 2014 running goal! I just have NOT been preferring distance running as my form of exercise lately…


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