19 Aug

That was an awfully busy weekend I just had! Thankfully I am really not that tired for a Monday, though I am ready for several days of routine again. It all started last Thursday night. Zach had a late soccer meeting, so after a Greenway walk with Mom I went to Hillary’s new apartment and she fixed me dinner! This is a big deal because Hillary does NOT cook. 🙂 She made barbecue pork loin in the crockpot and broccoli and it was delicious! I believe in our 20+ years of friendship this is the first time Hillary has made me supper. Or any meal. 🙂

Friday the day was spend working and cleaning the house for company. The second I got off work I headed to our alumni soccer game. Zach plays every year (of course) and scores goals every year (of course) and I always go watch (of course)! In the 7 years we have been out of high school I don’t think there has been a year he hasn’t scored, so this always makes him very happy. 🙂




After the game it was everyone over to our place for a party! We haven’t had people over since way before vacation and I was pretty excited for a fun night with friends…

IMG_4435 IMG_4437 IMG_4444 IMG_4442 IMG_4441

We had a cookout and everyone pitched in food- I ate pasta salad, potato salad and fruit for dinner and drank delicious champagne throughout the night. It was great to see friends I don’t see that often…


As well as to spend time with the ones I do!


Friday was a laaaate night and Zach and I slept in blissfully on Saturday morning later than either of us has in ages! When we finally got moving we cleaned the whole house, I went for a long walk and then we went out for lunch together. We went downtown to the new restaurant Barn Brasserie. I was dying for Zach to try it! We both got sandwiches with the soup special of the day- beer cheese soup. Yum!


My sandwich was a pesto grilled cheese panini.


It had pesto, fresh mozzarella and tomato and was grilled and toasty. I ate half of it and brought the other half home for later! Then Zach had to go to a soccer scrimmage and I…took a nap. Haha, guess my long night had already caught up to me despite sleeping in! Well it was a nice nap. I woke up when Zach got home and after a game of Nerts we had to get ready and head out the door to Ryan’s! This night was his turn to host a cookout/party and it was a lot of fun too. I didn’t take a single picture *gasp!* but I did have a lot of fun sitting around talking having a chill, laid back night with friends.

Sunday we went to church and did some chores around the house before heading to Indy for a date! I thought it was just any normal date but Zach reminded me that it was also the FIVE year anniversary of me starting my daycare!! The date sneaks up on me every year and I had totally forgotten. Can’t believe it’s been five years… We went to the Monon Trail in Carmel (a suburb of Indy) to go for a nice walk. It was a beautiful day and the Monon is perfect for walking/biking/etc. Just off the path we made a side trip to Union Brewing Company for a beer!

IMG_4481 IMG_4483

Perfect weather to sit outside and enjoy a cold one. 🙂


We chilled, talked and then walked some more.


When we were hungry we headed to downtown Indy to Mass Ave to try out a newer restaurant- Bakersfield. This is a legit taco joint with not a lot on the menu besides tacos (which doesn’t matter in the slightest). We got chips and guacamole with queso to share first:


Then we shared 3 small tacos: a corn taco, a pork taco and a chicken taco.



Another wonderful, successful, tasty, busy weekend!!

*Workout Updates

Thursday: 30 minutes gazelle, 29 minute walk (168 calories, 1.96 miles)

Friday: 30 minutes gazelle

Saturday: 44 minute walk (2.4 miles, 237 calories)

832 miles.



  1. victoria August 19, 2013 at 5:51 pm #

    One more. These have made Ron and I be more romantic with each other and plan events more.

  2. victoria August 19, 2013 at 5:54 pm #

    Oops. Was forwarding this sweet blog to a friend and accidentally sent back to you. I love it.

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