16 Aug

Last Georgia catch-up post. 🙂 Despite being pretty tired from our busy weekend, we were still up fairly early on Sunday morning because we had a breakfast date! We were supposed to be meeting Larry and his two little boys but unfortunately he had to take them back to their Mom’s early so they couldn’t come. I did meet them on my trip last year though and they are so sweet and adorable. So Larry met Kori and I at Cracker Barrel where we talked and talked and talked! I wasn’t super hungry so I had a muffin and some yogurt with granola- it was actually pretty good! When we finished and were just sitting and talking we could tell they were ready to hustle us out of there so we took our talk to the Cracker Barrel porch, you know, where they keep all the rocking chairs? I picked out a kid-sized one. 🙂 Which could also be Jordan-sized I suppose…


It really was very nice getting to spend more time with Larry and get to know him even better. When we parted ways Kori and I simultaneously agreed upon a true “Kori and Jordan day” for the little time I had left. This means- scary movie, comfy clothes, bed and FOOD.


Haha! Our favorite things! I ate some stouffers mac n’ cheese (my hideously fatty indulgence that Kori and I always have to partake in ;)) and my leftover shrimp and grits. A tasty carb lunch for sure! Once our movie was over it was time to pack up the carry-on and hit the airport. :/ The only good thing about your husband and best friend living in two different places is that whichever way you are flying you are looking forward to seeing someone! I was actually really ready to get back and see Zach- I missed him like crazy!! Our airport reunion was definitely cheesy and worthy of a Life-time movie. 🙂 We drove home chattering a mile a minute and I arrived to a house that had been TOTALLY deep-cleaned from top to bottom! He did everything you can think of and more! Sweeping, dishes, laundry, dusting, bathrooms, yardwork, scrubbed the shower…he even got things clean that I didn’t know could ever get that clean! 🙂 He is the most thoughtful, sweet guy I know and coming home to a house like that was heavenly. The perfect ending to a magnificent weekend!!


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