15 Aug

What a day this one was! Once again Kori and I were up fairly early. There is just no time for sleeping when there is best friend fun to be had! 🙂 First thing we did was head to her parent’s new house so that I could see it and them. We picked the best time to go because both of her sisters and her niece were there too! It was truly great to see all of them, especially the cute little 2 year old, Piper Sophia!

After our quick family visit we headed to…Six Flags over Georgia!! I was so afraid this summer was going to pass me by with no roller coasters but it most definitely did not. It was a sunny, gorgeous Saturday and the park was PACKED. Kori has a season pass so I got in for the ridiculously low price of $4.99 which was awesome. Since we spent virtually no money getting in we made a quick executive decision to invest in a “Flash Pass”. Best. Decision. Ever. This is a device that allows you to make a reservation for a ride and then you show up any time after your reservation time and you skip the ENTIRE line and go through a separate entrance. The only waiting you do is in the little lines to choose your car and that’s it! On a day like that day when all the lines are pushing 2 hours it was the best deal imaginable! We rode almost every ride in the park and that NEVER would have happened otherwise. Unfortunately I have one picture and one picture only from the day.


That’s us, waiting in line for a Flash Pass. I had my camera in a backpack but unfortunately they make you put your bag in a locker and you can’t even carry it around! 😦 That was pretty sad for me since, as you know, I loooove pictures. So we rode the first ride and it was absolutely terrible!! It was an old wooden coaster that slammed us around and bounced us so high on every hill we literally felt like we were going to slip out. It didn’t help that the bar wasn’t all the way down… I have always loved coasters and have no fear and yet I was positively terrified on this ride and so was Kori! Bad, bad roller coaster. Luckily that was the only one!

While we were waiting in line for the front car of a super cool coaster called Goliath suddenly all the rides shut down due to a thunderstorm in the area. It was so sunny and cloudless and we were so confused! We chose this as a good time to get Dip ‘n Dots (an amusement park MUST) and it sprinkled a teeny bit and then was done. Everything opened back up and we were off! I realllly wish I had worn my FitBit because we walked SO. MUCH. The park is huge and everything is hard to find and we were constantly lost and running all over the place…it was great. 🙂 I had bikini bottoms on though under my shorts and the FitBit didn’t fit over them. I know we must have done at least 7 miles though! We rode so many great rides and mid-day did a water ride that we got positively soaked through on which was awesome in the heat. The only line of the day was for a new ride called Sky Screamer that you couldn’t use the Flash Pass for. We waited close to 2 hours for it and it was so worth the wait. It’s not a coaster but rather giant swings that go 300 feet in the air, Six Flags tallest ride ever! We were up SO high and it was scary and fun all at the same time. As we were at the top we looked out over Atlanta and there were the blackest clouds in the distance everywhere. We could tell it was pouring and lightening and we knew it was only a matter of time before it reached us. We managed one more ride and then, as we predicted, the park shut down.

At this point it was after 7pm (park closes at 9) and we knew it was not going to re-open most likely. Everyone took shelter as it started pouring incredibly hard. Well according to our Flash Pass the Monster Mansion (and indoor ride) was still open so Kori and I decided to make a run for it. Yeah. Brilliant. Haha! It was on the other side of the park and we were drenched after 3 steps but we went for it. We were getting close when a bolt of lightning with a simultaneous clap of thunder (so you know it was RIGHT there) happened right behind us. We spun around because we knew it had been really close and the people behind us looked completely terrified for us and they were like- “That lightning was so close to you guys!” Okay. We gave up running and bolted into the nearest shop. That was so scary! When the rain finally let up some and you could tell the storm had moved away everyone ventured out and it was actually so fun! We were all just running around in ankle deep water sliding and splashing and laughing and everyone was having a good time because there was just no escaping getting soaked to the bone. We all piled out of the park and made the practically mile run to the car and here is what was happening outside:


Kori and I had not a dry inch anywhere!

IMG_4377 IMG_4378

It was a fantastic day with an unexpectedly great ending. Memories being made. 🙂 We were headed straight to dinner without going to her apartment so we literally dried off with paper towels in a gas station, changed into dresses, sat on trash bags in the car since the seats were soaked and did our makeup by the dim light of the car mirrors. Fun times. 🙂 We headed to dinner at The Vortex which is known for burgers and the burgers were excellent!! We started out sharing a cheese curd appetizer so we only ended up eating half our burgers but the half I ate was heavenly. Kori got a really cool specialty burger but I was feeling a pretty traditional one- bacon cheeseburger with mushrooms!

IMG_4383 IMG_4384

By the time we were done with dinner it was getting late (we didn’t even eat until almost 10:30!) and we headed to her place for a couple of pictures and called it a night!

IMG_4386 IMG_4388

*Workout Update*

Tuesday: 30 minutes on the gazelle, 1.52 mile walk with Mom (29 minutes, 162 calories)

Wednesday: 30 minutes on the gazelle, 45 minutes of sprints (3.8 miles, 330 calories). I was going to go to spin like normal yesterday but I was meeting Mom at 6:30 and didn’t want to have to leave so early so I did sprints instead- they were tough and yet fun at the same time!

825.5 miles.


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