13 Aug

I forgot to mention a small and yet huge part of Thursday!! When I was unpacking my suitcase as soon as I got to Kori’s I found an incredibly long, sweet note written to me from my husband! It was like being in high school and getting notes from him (we were always writing notes). It was so adorable and heartwarming and made me feel so loved. 🙂 Okay- mushy part over.

Friday morning Kori and I were up by 8 and ready for our exciting, busy day ahead! We had some turkey bacon for breakfast and got ready for a day on the river. Last year we went tubing on the Chatahoochee river with Kori’s friends Ashley and Myles and this year was like deja vu! Before we got to the river though we stopped by the Publix where Larry (Kori’s boyfriend) works and he made us a sub to share for lunch later. Then we met Ashley and Myles at the river raring to go. The day initially looked like it was going to be pretty cloudy and rainy and then when we got there the sun came out and stayed out in full force all day! We hit the (pretty dirty) river armed with an underwater camera and a cooler full of drinks and we were off!






We floated along pretty slowly and had a great time talking, laughing, spotting animals, discussing the river’s e-coli count (haha-luckily we were safe on this day) and of course having drinks!


We were doing the two-hour stretch since Ashley and Myles had to work later in the day. You can do a longer stretch and get out at the 4 hour mark but that’s the kind of thing you have to know ahead of time since you have a car parked always at your ending spot.

DSCF9399 DSCF9402

Once we all got off the river…Kori and I went again!

DSCF9403 DSCF9406

Ashley and Myles dropped us back off at the start and we had a car waiting for us at the end and this time it didn’t take anywhere close to 2 hours. They had let the dam out some and we FLEW down the river! The water was moving so much faster and it was really fun. It was so nice to get to go with Kori’s friends for one round and then get to spend time just the two of us for the second.


Though when it was time to drag the tubes in we got a lot muddier than when we had 4 people doing it…


By the time we were done with the river it was mid-afternoon and we simultaneously agreed on power naps! It was a wonderful 45 minutes. 🙂 When we got up we showered and enjoyed Kori’s porch.


Her apartment is so cute! Next was one of our favorite things to do together: listen to music, have a little wine and get ready for our evening!

IMG_4346 IMG_4347 IMG_4350

Once dressed and ready we headed to dinner at McCray’s. We had our hearts set on the rooftop patio, so when we found out it was quite a wait…we stuck it out in the bar for awhile. 🙂 Eating upstairs out in the open with a beautiful view was totally worth the wait.


I had an incredible shrimp and grits dinner that had peppers and onions and sausage as well and it was SO good.

IMG_4365 IMG_4364

It was also so filling though because I ended up boxing over half of it up! After dinner Larry was getting off work so Kori and I got his best friend Shannon and we went over to Chili’s to hang out with him. They wouldn’t let me take a good picture of them.


By this point we were getting a little hungry again so the four of us shared a queso- Kori and I have several pictures just like this:

We had so much fun hanging out and then Kori and I decided we were ready to crash and headed back to her place for a sound night’s sleep! Friday- success!


LAST Thursday- 30 minutes on the gazelle (1.5 miles like always)

Monday (yesterday)- way too tired in the morning for my normal booty call but did 45 minutes (2.8 miles, 296 calories) on the treadmill at the gym

817.5 miles.


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