12 Aug

I can’t believe I’m already back and it’s time to re-cap my trip! It was an incredible, crazy, fun, whirlwind of a weekend! Thursday I got off work and Zach drove me to the airport. We had a loving goodbye and I made my way through check-in and security. It wasn’t until I reached my gate that I realized I had done something I NEVER do…I forgot about a meal! I always laugh when people say “Oh, I just forgot to eat today” or something like that because I sure never forget about food 😉 but today I did! I was just so busy and anxious and excited to remember to eat. So I had a fresh fruit cup at the airport, about the only fresh, healthy looking thing I could see. 🙂

I had a short wait and then I was “leaving…on a jet plane” and it was a quick, good flight. When I got to the Atlanta airport I had one thing to do before getting outside to Kori…I had to head to the D gate to see Christine!!! Yes, my other far-away best friend happened to be at the same airport at the same time as me!! She and her boyfriend were about to fly out to Germany and we knew we would be close to the same time but weren’t sure if it would work out where we could see each other and it just so happens that it did! I literally jogged down to her gate (the ATL airport is enormous) just minutes before they boarded and we had an exciting reunion.


So completely random to get to see my two best friends who live in different states on the same day! Then I rushed outside to the arms of my other best friend. 🙂 We chattered a mile a minute on the way to her apartment and spent the next couple of hours just hanging out, catching up, taking pictures and drinking cocktails we made with watermelon puree.

IMG_4282 IMG_4288

As it got later and later we decided we needed to get ready and go eat! So we got all dressed up…

IMG_4293 IMG_4295 IMG_4302

Then headed to La Cazuela Mexican restaurant. We shared an order of fajitas, but after so many chips and queso I could only eat one fajita and was done!

IMG_4304 IMG_4305

We had margaritas and I got to meet her friends who worked there.


We had just the best time spending time together and being us. 🙂 We ended the night by swinging by her boyfriend Larry’s for a quick minute and then back to her cute apartment to crash! Perfect first day.



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