5 Aug

I swear, it seems like all of my weekends lately have just been spot-on perfect!! Let’s pick up with Saturday after that good morning workout. 🙂 Zach had somewhere to be so I spent a nice afternoon alone doing something I haven’t done in ages- I went shopping! I got a few new things to take to Georgia and I’ve got to admit, it’s so much nicer spending the day in dressing rooms trying on clothes when you like how they look on you. By the time I got home it was time to get ready for the wedding and Mom and Dad came by to pick me up. We headed out into the middle of nowhere to get Zach and then it was on to the wedding for everyone! We didn’t even realize this until we got there but it was an outdoor wedding and the forecast for the day had been absolutely terrible. Guess what though? It was an absolutely gorgeous evening without a single raindrop!


Good thing for them it didn’t turn into a day like our wedding… 😉 The outdoor ceremony was hot and bright but also beautiful and brief. Their dog was the ringbearer and that was adorable.


The wedding took place on a farm and so after the wedding it was into the barn for the reception. They had it decorated so story-book and it was quaint meets fancy.


The food was buffet style and I kept it very light for a wedding, here are my two plates:

IMG_4129 IMG_4142

The first plate Zach ate half the cheese, most of the pasta salad and I ate all the fruit. 🙂 The second plate was all mine and the stuffed mushrooms were the best part! It was also open bar and I had a few glasses of wine but I was smart and didn’t over-do it OR go back and pick at the food. Even my cake slice was tiny! We took loads of pictures,

IMG_4122 IMG_4180 IMG_4188 IMG_4206

explored the grounds,

IMG_4169 IMG_4172

and danced the night away. I even got to dance with my child-hood friend Jeremy (the groom) during a dollar dance.


Just as with the last wedding Zach and I attended we closed this one down! We just love weddings and staying right up until the end. 🙂


Then came Sunday. After teaching at church with Mom we headed over to Zach’s parents for a tasty lunch of salad and stuffed peppers! I laid out in the sun for a bit with a book while Zach had a soccer meeting and then the two of us headed to Indy for a date. We went to the IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art) but we weren’t heading inside! Adjacent to the museum is a huge art and nature park called Virginia Fairbanks 100 Acre Park and it is full of outdoor sculptures. We climbed all over everything and took lots of pictures (of course) while enjoying the absolutely beautiful day. Such sculptures included “Flock of Signs”


“Funky Bones”


“Human Trap”


and several others!

IMG_4221 IMG_4237 IMG_4242 IMG_4260

When we were finally done and good and hungry we headed downtown Indy to a specific sushi restaurant we’ve been wanting to go to…and it was closed! The website said open Sundays but when we got there it said Sundays were seasonal…whatever that means. Luckily downtown Indy has lots of restaurants to choose from and I already knew another we’ve had our eye on for awhile. A short walk later and we wound up at Napolese! This is a pretty upscale pizzeria that I have heard/read nothing but good things about.


It did not disappoint! They call their pizzas “individual” but when the server told us they were 11″ and 6 slices I was thinking “how in the world is that individual?!” So we ordered a salad to share and a pizza to share. Our salad was a summer bean salad, and while it is not what we were expecting, it was still SO good! Here is the description: fire roasted summer beans, peaches, capriole goat cheese, toasted almonds, evoo, balsamic reduction. For some reason we were picturing a salad with greens with beans on top as well as the other stuff and instead it was a green bean salad with no lettuce in sight!


It was wonderful though! I had a little over a 1/4th of this and Zach ate the rest. 🙂 I have actually purchases Capriole Farms goat cheese from Whole Foods a couple of times and it is always so good. We were realllly excited for our pizza to come out. We ordered the Good Times around the Bend: (tomato barbecue) house-smoked brisket, charred corn, fresh chiles, provolone.


I had two wonderfully delicious pieces (started to type pizzas haha) and we both agreed we would definitely like to come back here and try several variations!

It was a wonderful weekend filled with good food, activity, dancing, fun, friends and family! Now I have three full workdays and one half workday before heading to Georgia- this week is going to be so busy!

*All my exercise on Sunday was informal (as in not tracked): I walked home from Zach’s parents in the afternoon, we hiked around the nature park for a good 2 hours, then we had another walk to and from dinner.

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