29 Jul

Whew! I am BEAT! We found out that we don’t have Bible study tonight like we normally do on Mondays and while I will really miss our normal time of learning and fellowship I am not complaining in the least about being able to get to bed earlier than usual! This weekend was crazy packed, where do I even begin? I suppose with Friday! After a full day of work on Friday I went to the gym and did 35 minutes on the treadmill (2.4 miles, 211 calories). I ran home and changed and Heather, John and I left to meet the family for dinner. Unfortunately Zach had to miss this dinner too just like on Thursday because of soccer camp. We met everybody else at the mall at MCL- a cafeteria style restaurant. MCL isn’t exactly our first choice for a meal out but grandma and grandpa love it. 🙂 I had a small salad, a bowl of fruit and a side of mushrooms. It was all pretty decent and definitely healthy! After eating and socializing some the three of us took off and decided to enjoy the beautiful evening by going for a little walk. I took them on a path that Zach and I love that goes by the river and you get to see a bunch of old mansions. We stopped at our favorite overhang for some cute pictures. 🙂

IMG_4002 IMG_4003

By the time we returned home from our walk Zach was back! We all played Nerts and talked and then watched a little TV before bed.

Saturday I woke up nice and early knowing that I had a BUSY day ahead. It had been planned for weeks and weeks that we were throwing a surprise birthday party for my Dad on that Saturday and I haven’t been able to blog about it since it was a secret! There was a lot to get done in the way of party prep while Dad was at work so I had to fit my workout in early! Despite some rain and gloom I hit the Greenway for an excellent 1hr. and 23 min. walk/run (5.8 miles and 542 calories). I definitely ran the most I ever have in my alternating walking & reading with running. After the workout I went straight to Concannons to pick up Dad’s awesome custom birthday cake. 🙂 I had been excited about this cake for days!! It was half white with raspberry filling and half chocolate with french cream filling and the whole thing was iced with buttercream! Got home, showered, started chopping up fruit for my huge fruit salad, ate a salad for lunch and headed to Mom’s! I spent the rest of the afternoon helping Mom get the house all ready and everything set up. Zach showed up mid-way through the day with our grill and some backyard games. When Dad got home from work we jumped out and surprised him and told him to get ready for his party! At this point I headed back home to finish getting the fruit ready and to get ready for the party myself. We headed back over and set up all the food and family and friends began to arrive!

IMG_4015 IMG_4016

There was quite the good spread:

IMG_4025 IMG_4026

homemade pasta salad, homemade potato salad, crackers with a cheese ball, my fruit salad. There were also several meats but I didn’t have any. We all took over the patio and back yard and everyone ate, had drinks, played corn-hole and hillbilly golf and then after a while I got everyone’s attention and presented a birthday toast I had written for Dad.


Everyone got a little glass of champagne to toast with and it was a lot of fun. Then it was finally time to cut into the amazing cake! I had smaller slices of both the white and the chocolate and they were soo incredibly good (as anything from Concannon’s always is!). For probably the first time ever though I left FROSTING in my bowl. I am such a frosting fanatic (the cake is just a vehicle for frosting) that I could hardly believe it but I was honestly just sugared out! The party continued through the night with more games, more talking, a little dancing, a little hot-tubbing and all around a lot of fun!

IMG_4022 IMG_4038 IMG_4042

By the time Zach and I crashed at 1:30 the next morning I was worn. out.

We were up before we knew it that morning heading over to my Aunt Cindy’s house for a good-bye brunch for my family and a surprise baby shower for Heather! I was not very hungry for brunch- still full from the night before! I had fruit, a slice of coffee cake and a small piece of egg casserole.


We visited and ate and then all the sudden out came the presents for Heather! She was really surprised and we were so pleased. 🙂 Baby Matilda Jo (Maddy Jo) got all kinds of cute stuff and it was fun to see all the little girl things.


We also had pink frosted cupcakes so I forced myself to have one of those. 😉 Then it was goodbye. Hard to believe the next time we see Heather and John they will be parents!!!


Then I took a somewhat restless afternoon nap when I got home. I was tired but unfortunately didn’t really get good sleep. Zach and I went for a 28 minute neighborhood walk (1.3 miles, 126 calories). For dinner we went to Mom and Dad’s to start eating up leftovers since there was SO much food from the party! We ate and played double euchre and Zach and I ended our night with HIMYM. Now it’s Monday and I am dragging hard!! Looking forward to an easy workout this evening and lots and lots of sleep!!!

Only 10 more days until Georgia!!!!!

769.5 miles.



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