26 Jul

Thank the stars Muncie has a new restaurant!! I should revise that and say: a new restaurant that is NOT fast food/a chain/dreadfully unhealthy. Backing up, John and Heather got in late Wednesday night. After work Weds. I went to spin class and had a pretty low-key workout. I did 70 minutes but only biked 19.8 miles and burned 353 calories. I have a cold this week that started Monday, was worse on Tuesday and Weds. was pretty killer. Thankfully Wednesday was the worst day and yesterday was somewhat better and today is even better. Wednesday though I was feeling pretty out of it and rough. Glad to get any workout in, no matter how unenergized though!!

Thursday I did 30 minutes on the gazelle and after a day of work Heather and I hit the Greenway for a good 51 minute walk! (3.1 miles, 294 calories) Heather is almost 25 weeks pregnant with a little girl Matilda Jo (Maddy Jo!!) and she looks wonderful! I am so proud and inspired of how great she has tackled this pregnancy. She works out and weight trains every day, she cut out all sugar, only eats the most natural forms of healthy foods…never anything processed or even really eats out! She is proof that you can be pregnant AND fit and healthy- exactly how I want to be. When that time comes… 😉 Except I won’t cut out ALL sugar. 🙂 After the walk we changed and headed with John downtown to eat at a new restaurant with family! Poor Zach has soccer camp here in town all week, so while he isn’t gone overnight, he is still missing out on stuff. 😦 Luckily today is his last day. So we have a new restaurant downtown called Barn Brasserie. It’s a local, farm-to-table restaurant that sources produce and meats from nearby farms! It even had such gems as Smoking Goose and Trader’s Point (where The Loft is) as some of their providers. The menu is seasonal and the offerings were all unique and exciting. They are health-conscious as well, the only sodas offered are organic agave soda (not that I ever drink soda) and I thought that was cool. Dad ordered a white bean hummus appetizer for everyone to share and I had one thin slice of bread with hummus- great hummus!

IMG_3993 IMG_3994

For dinner I had the ratatouille pot pie. This was a ratatouille mix of veggies (tomato, onion, squash, zucchini, etc) under a homemade whole wheat biscuit and a dollop of goat cheese creme on top.


The biscuit was SO dense and delicious and the goat cheese was extremely rich. This was a good dish but I literally ate 1/4 of it, maaaaybe slightly more. It was just so filling!! I boxed the rest up to bring home to Zach. 🙂 I really enjoyed this place and saw so many things on the menu I’d like to try! Can’t wait to take Zach there. After dinner we went over to Mom and Dad’s to all hang out on the back porch. A picture of the ladies in the family!


Heather, me, Mom, Aunt Cindy, Aunt Teresa (Heather’s mom)

Now it’s Friday (hooray!) and I’ve got the day ahead with the kiddos, a gym workout after, another family dinner and some hanging out. Big day ahead tomorrow but it’s a surprise so no more on that for now!! 😉

759.5 miles.


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