23 Jul


When did I start being okay with peas?? I have no idea how this happened but I have noticed lately that they not only don’t bother me but I am actually utilizing them in dishes now! (My mother would shudder.) Now I am a self-proclaimed “love everything” or at the very least “eat everything” eater and that really is true. I have always eaten peas in things but I have never been a person to fix up a big side of them or even make a dish where peas were a main ingredient. Over the past several months though I have noticed more and more dishes that included peas that I not only didn’t shy away from but ended up really enjoying them! (Zach’s Indian dish from Niagara Falls being just one of these…) So last night for dinner I made Chicken a la King and peas were a pretty key ingredient and we both LOVED it!! I recently got a new batch of cookbooks from Zach’s grandma and so I cracked open my new-to-me “Best of Country Slow-Cooker Cookbook”. Previously I only had one slow-cooker cookbook and so I was really excited to have another. The crockpot is SUCH a big helper and I love having meals ready for me on a busy evening. This dish was so incredibly easy. Early in the day I put the following into a crockpot:

  • cream of chicken soup
  • flour (I used whole wheat)
  • pepper
  • cayenne pepper (mixed the above 4 ingredients together before adding more)
  • chicken (I cut raw breasts into cubes)
  • celery
  • green pepper
  • onion

This proceeded to cook and smell awesome for the next 7 hours. At nap-time I whipped up (okay, that’s an exaggeration since real rice takes a good while to cook…) a pot of brown rice that the chicken would top. Then at the end of the day, right before I left for the gym, I added a whole bag of frozen peas that had been thawing and some pimientos. It cooked awhile longer while I was at the gym and once home I only had to heat the rice back up and dinner was served!


The peas? They were perfect! Zach and I both agreed what we don’t like about peas: when they are colorless, mushy, tasteless and gross. These peas though still had bite and were crisp and tasty.


As for workouts, I did 30 minutes on the gazelle in the morning, 25 minutes on the treadmill at an incline (1.89 miles, 161 calories), tricep weight machine and some ab exercises on ab equipment. After dinner we had a good Bible study and then went for a quick 19 minute walk on the Greenway (1.2 miles, 98 calories).

744 miles.



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