22 Jul

34 states in 5 years of marriage.

This is what I figured out today when I updated my “Lets Get Away” page. I added links to all of this year’s vacation and then updated our states/countries visited list and that’s our grand total so far! I cannot believe we have been so many place but I am so glad. To me that number just equals pictures and memories and good times galore.

Speaking of good times…this past weekend was great! I had told you Saturday when I posted about the Liberian Mile that we had a wedding that night and a fancy wedding at that. Well this wedding was a serious WEDDING. It was awesome! Zach and I got ready and matchy-matchy in our mint green. 🙂


We headed to Indy to the Mavris Arts and Entertainment building. I had never heard of this place, let alone been there, but it turned out to be a perfect wedding venue. We went upstairs and sat in chairs in a beautiful room. The wood was gorgeous, twinkling lights everywhere, adorable flower arrangements and it was just one of those perfect in simplicity type of rooms.


The ceremony got underway and it was literally a 16 minute wedding! Super fast which is typically what guests love. 🙂


Get on to the good stuff! After the wedding while they all did pictures we had cocktail hour out on the rooftop terrace! This was incredible. Servers were walking around passing out glasses of champagne cocktails with blackberries in them and we of course snagged some…

IMG_3944 IMG_3947

There were more servers walking around with passed appetizers and Zach and I shared a teeny tiny spring roll and each had one chicken cordon bleu bite. So good! As cocktail hour went on and our champagne disappeared we visited the open bar- the completely open bar. I had never been to an open bar wedding before but it was so cool to be able to order a beer or wine or cocktail and just thank them with a smile and not have to fork over a large chunk of money! We both enjoyed glasses of white wine as well as the Indy skyline at dusk.

We were all then instructed to move to the lower level for the reception and we all went downstairs to find our tables. Zach and I were at a table with two other couples and a guy who were all very nice and we enjoyed sitting with them since we didn’t know ANYONE at this wedding besides the bride and groom! Haha.


At our place setting were little namecards and each had a picture on it of either a cow, chicken or carrot. These were to designate to our servers which entree we had chosen! So cute! Zach’s had a cow for beef and mine had a carrot for the vegetarian option. Before our food was served we all got to pay a visit to the candy bar. There were M&M’s, skittles, twizzlers, white chocolate pretzels, gummy worms and more. Since Tim and Jami met in China there were little Asian takeout boxes to put your candy in and you ate them with chopsticks! I am not a huge candy person but Zach and I shared a small amount of M&M’s, jellybeans and pretzels.


When they started bringing around food we got salads first- mixed lettuce, green apple slices, candied walnuts, goat cheese and a raspberry balsamic dressing. They also brought around bottles of both red and white wine for all the tables so you could choose what you wanted. I had some of both. 🙂 My vegetarian entree was delicious! It was eggplant parmesan surrounded by mixed veggies and I loved it. By the time we were done eating it was time for one of the best parts of any wedding- the dancing!! We danced and we danced and we. danced. Haha I did not expect to stay as late as we did but we ended up there for the entire thing! Clear to the sparkler send-off at the end of the night. 🙂 During our dancing I got to get a couple of pictures with Jami!!

IMG_3972 IMG_3974

There was a basket of sunglasses to enhance our dancing fun. 🙂


The dance floor was gorgeous and once it was dark outside they raised the window coverings to reveal a lit up down-town Indy. Beautiful! Intermixed with the dancing we got to have a piece of delicious, wonderful wedding cake that had a PB frosting!! Oh how I love wedding cake. We also spent some time in the outdoor garden.

IMG_3957 IMG_3962

This place was absolutely perfect for a wedding!! When we finally crawled into our bed in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday we had nothing but great memories of Tim and Jami’s wedding. 🙂


Sunday morning after a great night’s sleep we went to church totally refreshed. Got a delicious salad from Noodles and Co. for lunch and then I hit the pool with Hillary for the day. I spend a good 3 1/2 hours floating around just getting sun and being lazy and chatting with my friend. Heavenly. Once we’d baked long enough we spontaneously decided to go to the theater and see “The Heat”. Overall it was pretty funny minus the excessive language. I never understand why people think foul language enhances comedy. In my opinion it only detracts! We had a good time doing something impromptu though. 🙂 She dropped me by my parents after the movie and Zach met me there and we had dinner with Mom and Dad and played Nerts. They won this time but we put in a good showing! The night ended with a 25 minute sunset walk (a little over a mile) with my love and some sweet surprises he had planned. Back to work and a busy week ahead with family coming into town!

740 miles.


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