19 Jul

Well this is it! I’ve finally come to it – my final vacation post. It was SUCH an amazing, packed trip which is why it’s taken me so much time to write about it! So here is our second and final day/night in Niagara Falls.

We woke up just in time for breakfast cooked by our lovely Airbnb hostess. She made us bacon, a potato hash and eggs with some type of chili paste in them.


Always so nice to have someone cook for you! 🙂 After breakfast we set out on a very, very long hike in the Niagara Gorge.

IMG_3694 IMG_3698

The day started out pretty cloudy much like the day before, but again cleared up in the afternoon and turned into another beauty! We even left the umbrella at our place (we figured it helped just by being in the same town 😉 ).


As we hiked we descended deeper and deeper into the gorge.


Finally we were even with the river and could see the falls waaaay back behind us.


Unfortunately the trail we were on had an abrupt end due to dangerous conditions. Being the safe, responsible people that we are…we went a little further. We ended up RIGHT by some intense rapids that we later learned is known as one of the most dangerous stretches of rapids in North America!

IMG_3711 IMG_3715

No white water rafting here. When we decided that indeed we should go no further we turned around and hiked out the way we came. By the time we got back to our starting point (which was well outside the town) and then made it back into the city, we were pretty beat. We decided this was the perfect time to use our Discover Passes to sit for 45 minutes so we found the Niagara Adventure Theater in the bottom of the visitor’s center. We watched a 45 minute film on Niagara Falls and the adventures that had taken place here. It was amazing, close-up footage of the falls and we heard the stories about the teacher who went over in a barrel with her cat, the first tightrope walked to cross the falls and the boy who went over in nothing but a life jacket and all survived! They didn’t have any of the many death stories, I suppose to keep it family friendly. It was pretty interesting and man are some people brave crazy!

Once we were done and ready to be on our feet again we sought out lunch. Now is the time to mention that the city of Niagara Falls is OVERRUN with Indian people! Not Native-American indians but true Indians from India. They are everywhere!! This also meant that every few storefronts is an Indian restaurant to accommodate them so we decided we just had to try some truly authentic Indian food. We chose one and were clearly the only white tourists to go to this place as no others even stopped to check it out and the people running the place looked quite surprised to see us! We ordered some…stuff…and had no clue what exactly we were doing. Haha! No translations for the white folks here, everything was in Hindi. I ended up with something called “kadhi rice” which was a yellow curry with gram flour (gram flour and veggie balls) in it.


It was alright but surprisingly was a bit lacking in flavor! Zach’s on the other hand was really good.


He had chapati (bread), chickpeas and mattar paneer (peas and paneer in a spicy sauce). Paneer is a fresh cheese. *Side note- I was lucky I remembered the names of our dishes but I had to look these up to find out what exactly it was we were eating!* After lunch we walked around a little more but we were just wore out from all the walking that morning and the day before so we headed back to our place and took a nice nap! 🙂 When we woke up refreshed we played some cards and got ready for dinner (our lovely ritual) and set out for one last meal. We walked the bridge to Canada…


We had reservations at a Canadian restaurant called AG Inspired Cuisine in the basement of a really cool hotel.


It was a beautiful place for our last dinner.


We ordered a really great bottle of wine! It was a semi-dry rose that was perfect with dinner. Not too sweet, not too dry, nice and crisp and perfectly cold for the hot day!



Before we’d even ordered they brought us out an amuse bouche (which is literally just a very, very small sampling dish meant to “amuse” your palate).



I may butcher this up, but I believe it was some type of venison sausage with a peach reduction, a pickled green bean? and basil on top? We had a late season harvest asparagus tartlet to share for an appetizer:



“pinque prosciutto, monforte sheep’s milk cheese, coriander salad, double barrel bacon jam” It was, of course, great, and we could both agree that the bacon jam was one of the best parts!

For dinner Zach had a fish that was great but I can’t go into the details because they have since changed over their entree items to new things!



Well at any rate, the fish was cooked great as well as the vegetables it was served over. I had hand-cut pappardelle pasta with a beef tenderloin that was perfection!!



The tenderloin was cooked just right, not chewy at all, and the micro greens + cheese that was served on top were a nice accent. I believe it had some pesto as the dressing? We paid with American dollars but got back Canadian change! Here is a brief shoot of me puzzling about the Canadian money…

IMG_3747 IMG_3748 IMG_3758


After dinner it was time to ride the beautiful skywheel!



You each get your own private gondola and it goes SO high so that you have the most incredible views of the falls…

IMG_3778 IMG_3794 IMG_3798 IMG_3800


We happened to be riding right at sunset which only heightened the beauty!

IMG_3781 IMG_3814 IMG_3818


You could see canada-vegas down below…



One my new favorite ways to see the falls!

IMG_3817 IMG_3820


We had a little bit of time to kill before the night’s fireworks (there are always fireworks on Fridays/Saturdays at the falls) so I played tourist and did a haunted house…by myself! Zach doesn’t care for them but he was going to do it and I said “Please, save your money if you won’t enjoy it, I want to do it alone!!” Because I am kind of crazy like that. They ended up sending me through with a couple from Ohio and I actually wish I would have done it alone because I think it would have been much scarier that way, as it is, it wasn’t scary at all!



We ended the night (and vacation) with one more set of fireworks.

IMG_3835 IMG_3836


Took the bridge back to America and saw the lights on the falls one last time…



And that was it! The next morning we packed up, ate plums and hit the road. Besides stopping for lunch from a Chipotle we just drove straight home and made it back that Saturday evening. Once home I found this on the counter:

IMG_3845 IMG_3846


Your 5th anniversary is supposed to be “wooden” (according to old traditions) and Zach is always so creative. Not only did he get something wooden but it is perfect for me! I’ve already used it like 4 times…(it holds cookbooks up for you if you couldn’t tell!). It is great quality and so nice not to try to hold books open on the counter where they are hard to read with heavy jars…like I used to.

So there you have it! Zach and Jordan’s whirlwind East Coast Trip! I feel so incredibly blessed to have had the trips we have so far and I absolutely can’t wait to see what God brings us next!

*Workout update*

Yesterday I did something I have been putting off- ZWOW4. Yesterday morning I did the gazelle, per usual and I went on a 37 minute Greenway walk with Mom (2.23 miles, 221 calories). But what I really want to talk about is ZWOW 4. As you may know I started the ZWOW’s over at 1 and have been slowly working my way through them. Early on on vacation I did ZWOW 3 and expected to do several more while gone but got stuck at 4. It’s a 28 minute one (a little longer than most of hers) and really quite exhausting! I could tell from the preview it was one that would tire me out and make me super sore and I just didn’t want that on vacation. Could I have skipped over it and done others and just hit it later, yes. But I wanted to do them completely in order, I’m weird like that. So here it goes:

  • 50 pendulums
  • 20 burpees (full-out burpees, no shortcuts here)
  • 15 kettle bell swings (I had to use weights since I have no kettle bell!)
  • 10 push ups/leg twist (this is why my shoulders kill today…)
  • 5 broomstick squats (5 aren’t many but man do your arms get tired fast!)
  • 2 minutes of jump rope

Repeat 3 times through. I am glad that one is out of my way now!! Needless to say it was a great workout and I can’t believe I didn’t set my Fitbit activity record to track my specific calorie burn!!

734.5 miles. *just in case you were confused at all, I said it WAY back how I track my miles. I like things to be even so anything less than a .5 (such as 1.2 or 3.4) rounds down. Anything between the .5 and a new number (such as 4.6 or 2.8) also rounds down. Technically by this point I could possibly have an extra 50+ miles if I counted exact points but I like to keep it from being messy. Mostly cause I am terrible at math… Anyway, that’s that!


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