16 Jul

After the full day of driving the day before and knowing we had another full day of driving ahead, I HAD to get in some formal exercise this morning! The Best Western gym it was. It was a pretty small fitness center but there was a treadmill and that’s all I needed. I did 30 minutes at a quick pace on an incline before we had to pack up and go. We headed to Hill Farmstead brewery in Greensboro, VT so Zach could pick up some more “cool beer”, haha, before we hit the road for the day.


It was nice while we were waiting in line at Hill Farmstead but then our day turned into a monsoon! Which led to me taking a long nap in the car… We ate lunch from our car food on this day so that we didn’t have to stop and have fast food since no lunch place was picked out. I had a plum and a bowl of Fiber One with PB…basically breakfast for lunch. We drove all across upstate New York which is rather beautiful!


There are hills everywhere and so many lakes! We finally reached our Airbnb bed and breakfast in Syracuse around 7pm. It was a really beautiful house!

IMG_3480 IMG_3482

Our room was very nice and the guy operating the place was super friendly.

IMG_3476 IMG_3477 IMG_3478

We barely unpacked before we headed into Syracuse for dinner. Our destination was the famed Dinosaur Bar-B-Q. Even at 8 on a Wednesday it was packed! We waited outside in the “boneyard” for our names to be called.


By the time we were seated we were starving and a good thing too because our plate was enormous! We shared a platter that came with: ribs, pulled pork, brisket, chili, mac and cheese and cornbread!


We shared the sides pretty much down the middle (though Zach got more of the cornbread) as well as the ribs.


I was getting full though so I let him have the majority of the pulled pork and brisket. It was ALL good but the ribs were by far my favorite part! We had to get a dessert when we saw this on the menu:


S’mores pie!! We were oh so glad we made the stop at Dinosaur. 🙂

IMG_3495 IMG_3498

Got back to our BNB and crashed! The next morning we were up pretty early and our host, Robert, had a beautiful spread for breakfast!


There were all kinds of fruit and these delicious pumpkin scones that he had made!



He also made us tomato and feta omelettes!



We loved this place and would definitely stay there again!



*Workout Update*

So weird typing these past vacation posts and tacking real time updates on the end. 🙂 So yesterday was a good, busy Monday and I did my gazelle time in the morning and 30 minutes on the treadmill at the gym. I ran one mile and then walked the rest at an incline for 2.19 miles and 218 calories. I made a really good egg white omelet for dinner and we got to go to Bible study for the first time in weeks! A good night indeed. 🙂

719.5 miles. 61/200 running miles.


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