15 Jul

I need to take a short break from my vacation posts for a weekend post! The entire weekend was wonderful! Let’s start with Friday. Friday at nap-time I got everything prepped and ready for dinner that night. My recipe was one I made a little over a year ago and we loved it so much I have wanted to make it again ever since – Zucchini Lasagna from Taste of Home! It was a great “make-ahead” dish. I chopped all the veggies, made the tomato sauce, cooked the pasta, steamed the zucchini, made the ricotta filling and then layered it all in the baking dish and covered it up until ready to bake.

IMG_3860 IMG_3861 IMG_3862

After I got off work Zach and I drove to a part of the Greenway that is further out in the country with bikes in tow. It was a gorgeous evening and we had a great 7.2 mile bike ride! Such fun just to ride and chat and enjoy nature and the weather. When we got home I popped the lasagna in the oven and then we got a little extra exercise by walking to his parents so that I could print some stuff off for daycare (since we’ve never had a printer…). We walked back just in time to take the lasagna out of the oven and it was perfect!


Just as delicious as I remembered.

IMG_3866 IMG_3867

The rest of the evening was spent in a nice, leisurely fashion with lots of cuddling and HIMYM watching. 🙂

Saturday morning I woke up nice and early and nice and rested! Had a banana and I hit the Greenway with a book in hand for a 1hr. 24 min. walk/run (5.63 miles and 533 calories) just like I had been doing before vacation. It felt great to be out there for that long and was such a beautiful morning! Some ladies who always pass me asked if I was on the same book or had started a new one. 🙂 After that I got some cleaning done before Leah showed up! I hadn’t seen her in about a month and her belly has popped out now, I even got to feel baby Connor kick once!! We went to lunch at Panera and I had a cup of soup and ate most of a chicken and avocado cobb salad which was really good! (Snagged an apple for later, love that about Panera 🙂 ). After lunch it was pool day alllll day. We went over to my in-laws pool and spent a gorgeous afternoon floating, talking and tanning. Even with the intermittent clouds we got SO much sun. First gorgeous Saturday we’ve had pretty much all summer! When we finally called it quits so that we wouldn’t turn into lobsters I had a little bit of down time at home (being in the sun wears you out!) before Zach and I headed to our friend Ryan’s for a taco party. I am on one of my “no-drinking” rules until next Saturday at a wedding so I guzzled water while everyone else had beer and I ate a super good taco for dinner.


We made fresh pico, two different kinds of chorizo and ground beef with taco seasoning and had a spicy Mexican cheese blend. It may have just been the busy day at the pool with not a lot of food, but this taco was the bomb! We all played cards out on the porch for a long time and it was a really nice, laid-back evening.

Then came Sunday! Up early again (I’ve just been sleeping well- score!) and Zach and I started cleaning and working on some house projects. I ate another banana, this time with PB, and then we got to go to church for the first time in weeks! It was so unbelievably great to be back. I missed the people and the fellowship and the worship and the preaching! After church it was home for a quick bite of lasagna leftovers before more cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. A lot of my exercise today came from vacuuming and sweeping the porches and webstering and picking up leaves and organizing. After Zach and I had made good headway we took a well-deserved break and went to the pool. It was another gorgeous afternoon and today’s pool day was a lot more active than the one before. There was still some floating but there was also a lot of lap swimming and game playing. Zach likes to be constantly moving in the pool so my other form of exercise came from races and treading water contests and playing games where you had to swim laps when you got something wrong. 🙂 Once we’d baked long enough it was time for a little more cleaning before a family get-together. Zach’s grandma recently moved (super close to our house!) and some family on my husband’s side was here from Florida so we all went to the new house for a really great evening of hanging out and talking and eating good food.

IMG_3874 IMG_3891

Zach’s grandpa drives a motorcycle and he was giving all the kids rides. Well he took me for one and as I was climbing on I bumped my leg on the tailpipe… OUCH!


Otherwise though we had all had a nice time visiting and managed to squeeze in a family photo before we all ran our separate ways…

IMG_3899 IMG_3914

Now it’s Monday and back to work! Only 24 more days until I fly to Georgia to see my best friend…

716 miles.


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