12 Jul

This day was pretty much mostly spent in the car. Zach and I got up and had one last breakfast at the Bayview (fruit, quiche and a pastry) and then hit the road. It was a very rainy, foggy day and we were thankful that it was just a driving day and not a hiking one! After we were on the road about 3 1/2 hours it was time to stop for lunch and (of course) we had our destination already picked out.


We stopped at Nosh in Portland, ME for a meal that has graced the Travel Channel- bacon-dusted fries and the Apocalypse Now burger. To start though was a delicious, local beer:


The bacon-dusted fries were genius and tasted incredible! We shared a small bucket.


Then we shared the famed Apocalypse burger. So named because it is assumed this is the one thing you would want to eat if the world were ending.


This burger is a perfectly cooked patty, american cheese, crispy pork belly, bacon, foie gras, mayo and cherry jam all on a brioche bun. It is crazy. And crazy good!! The cherry jam was an especially awesome addition believe it or not! After our food fill we hit the road again. We passed through New Hampshire and here’s my one NH picture-


Then finally around 6:15 in the evening we made it to our destination, Waterbury, Vermont. Vermont had beautiful scenery and I wish we could have spent more time here!

IMG_3451 IMG_3455

We went straight to the Alchemist, a brewery that was at the very top of Zach’s must-visit list and he proceeded to pick up what seemed like a literal ton of beer to bring back to people at home. The Alchemist surprisingly only makes ONE beer and apparently that’s all they need because they sell it like crazy and it is currently the number one beer in the craft beer world. Their beer is called Heady Topper and we got to try some on draft which was really cool!

IMG_3447 IMG_3449

After this we went to our hotel for just a brief freshening up and then headed back out for dinner. We had picked out this amazing looking restaurant called Hen of the Wood that had such a cool vibe and such a great looking menu and we were really excited about it. We get there and guess what- they are completely booked for not just the rest of the night but the rest of the WEEK! This is the ONE dinner place, literally, that I did not make a reservation at and look what happened. I didn’t make one because we weren’t sure of arrival time and I figured it wouldn’t matter out in Nowhere, VT. Nope. I guess 4th of July week is their busiest week of the year! We were pretty disappointed but then cheered back up when we remembered that the other place we had almost picked (which looked equally as amazing on food but the interior wasn’t as cool) was just minutes away. This is how we found ourselves at the Prohibition Pig and ended up enjoying a scrumptious meal!


To start off we had some 1/2 size beers.


I got a Maine beer that was excellent! I loved the fact that you could get a smaller size, they should do this everywhere. You get to try more without having too much and it costs less! We stood around enjoying our drinks until a table was open and by this time we were starving! Zach got duck-fat fries and I got a shrimp and grits appetizer and we shared both.

IMG_3461 IMG_3462

The grits were ESPECIALLY good! For dinner Zach had their “pro-pig” sandwich which had pork and other wonderful things on it and it was great.


I got a mushroom sandwich which was a portabella with cheese and some other toppings that was equally as good.


We ended up boxing up some sandwich leftovers because we got so full! There was a beautiful sunset then it was back to our hotel for sleep!


*Real-time workout update*

Tuesday and Wednesday were both a bit slacker-ish on my part. Not on the eating front- Tuesday I made homemade turkey meatloaf and had a good dinner with Grandma, Wednesday I went out to eat with a friend and made a smart dinner choice in a lunch-sized portion. No, the slacking was in exercise! Both days I only did my 30 minutes on the gazelle in the morning with no other workout, just that whole “home from vacation don’t feel like doing much” mentality.

Thursday (yesterday) I shaped it up though and did my 30 minutes on the gazelle, did push-ups/jumping jacks/butt kicks/dumbbells at naptime and then walked to my parent’s for dinner for a 34 minute walk (1.87 miles, 184 cal). Mom and Dad had just got home from THEIR vacation and it was good to see them again! Zach’s been gone the whole week at soccer camp so I went over there and had Chinese for dinner and then Dad took me to see World War Z which was AH-mazing!!! Crazy zombie movie! Then Zach got home last night and I am looking forward to our fun and healthy night ahead 🙂

707 miles.


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