11 Jul

We woke up to a MUCH less foggy day on our second day in Bar Harbor. After breakfast (fruit, a pastry, bacon and french toast halves) we decided to re-hit the Park Loop Road to see some of the sights by a different light. We got to view peregrine falcons nesting through the park ranger’s scope at the very first pull-off!


We re-stopped at Thunder Hole and overall had much broader ocean views than the day before.

IMG_3321 IMG_3323

IMG_3328 IMG_3334 IMG_3339

I was so thankful for a clearer day so that we could do our treacherous hike that we had to skip the day before. The hike is called the Beehive and you hike to the summit of a small mountain that is shaped like a bee’s hive.


The hike is recommended for only the physically fit who are not afraid of heights and as you begin climbing you see why- narrow crossings, iron rungs, practically inverted climbing at points…

DSCF9261 DSCF9264 DSCF9275

…it was awesome!! There was definitely some haze but our views were far surpassing anything they would have been the day before!

DSCF9270 DSCF9272

We finally made it to the summit dripping with sweat and it was gorgeous!

DSCF9284 DSCF9292 DSCF9300

After the Beehive we went to Jordan Pond to get some pictures since we didn’t even see it when we had eaten lunch there.

IMG_3344 IMG_3350

By the time we were done with this we were hungry and excited about our lunch destination- an authentic lobster pound. We drove to the other side of Mount Desert Island to South Harbor for lunch at Thurston’s lobster pound. You pick out your lobster


(poor lil guy) and then they steam him for you. We decided to share a small lobster and got a little meal with it. It came with corn on the cob (which Zach ate most of), coleslaw (which I ate most of), a roll (which Zach ate all of) and a piece of Maine blueberry cake (which was split down the middle!). We also shared a blueberry ale which was really, really good!


We sat up in the meshed in area overlooking the harbor and there are lobster boats and lobster traps everywhere!

IMG_3361 IMG_3363

So authentic. Our guy came out bright red and ready to eat and we had no clue what we were doing!


The claws were already cracked so we did that first and the pieces came out great.


So rich and wonderful- best lobster, hands down, ever. Next I went to work on getting the tail open for us and that took some work! After the lunch we both agreed that the lobster was incredible but by the end it was just too much lobster! Just give me a claw or tail any day and that’s plenty. After lunch we needed to work off that lobster so we hit another trail.


This was another rugged one and it was the Beech Cliffs trail. We weren’t on it long before the elevation began increasing rapidly and we were basically doing a rock scramble.


The cliffs were beautiful to hike in.


This was a ladder trail and was loaded with tall, iron ladders.

IMG_3377 IMG_3380

The summit brought more rewarding views!

IMG_3382 IMG_3386

From the summit we decided to do a split off hike to the firetower and did the wrong thing for about 30 minutes. We finally corrected our mistake and by the time we got to the firetower (pretty much a straight up climb)


we were soaked! Again though, the views are always worth it. 🙂

IMG_3392 IMG_3396 IMG_3405

From this point it was definitely time to get in a shower and have down time much like the day before. When we were ready for dinner we headed to the beautiful Looking Glass restaurant that is a complete circle walled in by glass that overlooks the harbor and the sea.


Dinner views were amazing. We got a bottle of red wine here that was really crisp and not that dry, a good accompaniment with our dinner.


The bread came out with whipped blueberry butter and a cute little rosemary and oil jar.


To start out Zach and I shared the lobster bisque and this was one of my most delicious picks of the whole trip.


Wow was this soup rich and creamy and flavorful and the lobster pieces were perfect…oh I want some again! Zach’s dinner was blueberry pork chops with veggies and the pork chops were awesome!


The blueberry smell was so strong we swore it made everything taste like blueberry, haha. My dinner was eggplant and quinoa roulades with red potatoes and was pretty good but wasn’t winning any awards.


It was fun to go full-vegan on a dish though! We had a tiny, mini-dessert of peanut butter mousse and that completed another great dinner!

IMG_3424 IMG_3423

We walked around the little town some before turning in for our last night in Bar Harbor!



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