6 Jul

So we are leaving from Niagara Falls this morning and will be back in Muncie, Indiana this evening!! Can’t wait to see my little fur babies 🙂 I have lots of posts lined up to go about more vacation days and I promise this is the last no-picture, workout-update post! So where did I leave off?

Monday- This day was filled with hiking and we got in a good amount of activity with 7.32 miles and 134 floors climbed!

Tuesday- Unfortunately a super low activity day because we spent most of it in the car! With the small amount of walking we got in we got 2.14 miles

Wednesday-After the previous days lack of activity as well as the day ahead (filled with more driving) I had to get SOMEthing in so I went to our hotel’s fitness center and got in 30 minutes on the treadmill before we had to head out. Only slightly more walking this day than the one before, 2.84 miles.

Thursday- Welcome to Niagara Falls! Now this day was FILLED with walking, we walked everywhere all day long (including to Canada and back two separate times! :)). We got 13.2 miles done, just over a half-marathon!

Friday- Last day of vacation was the most active of them all! We did 14.3 miles with all the walking, going to Canada and back, not to mention a couple hour long hike we did down into the gorge! This may have been a new highest calorie burn day, I will have to check with the old one! (This day was 2,834 calories).

Now it’s back on the road for a day of driving!

693 miles!



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