25 Jun

In case you missed it, my Baltimore post is up two posts ago!! So now on to Philly! We arrived in Philly on Saturday afternoon and drove straight to the Penn’s Landing area. Lunch at Han Dynasty is a must according to locals so lunch it was. This place was completely authentic and amazing. I mean the food was probably as close to being in Asia as you can get here in the US and it was incredible. We ordered dumplings and the much-lauded Dan Dan noodles.


The dumplings were great (and spicy!) but ohhh those noodles. They had this awesome chew to them and the seasonings were so good. Can this place please pick up and relocate to Muncie?!

After lunch we tried to drive to Fairmount Park a little outside of Philly but had trouble finding the exact area. We eventually gave up and headed back into the city to go the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We weren’t going inside, we were there for one thing only. Rocky!!


I love that they have a statue immortalizing a fictional character, haha. We then proceeded to do the only thing you could do in this situation. Ran the “Rocky steps”. That’s a lot of steps! It was so fun. 🙂


We walked around this area for a bit before driving to our next Airbnb place in the Rittenhouse Square area of Philly. This place we had to get a key from a lockbox, our host actually isn’t even in town! It is a top floor loft in an apartment and while it was hard work getting all of our luggage up there the loft is so neat! We feel like we are really living the city life. 🙂



We unpacked some (since we would be here for two nights) and then headed back out. We made a stop at Monk’s Cafe for some rare beer and that place was packed! It is a restaurant and so we stood for quite awhile but then finally got spots at the bar to sit and finish our beer. Once done we walked into the slightly sketchier part of Philly for some iconic cheesesteaks.


We went to Ishkabibble’s based on local recommendations and Zach had warned me that the meat they use for a cheesesteak just isn’t that great and not to get my hopes up. He was right, it was just so-so. I am glad we had cheesesteaks since it is the thing that any tourist must do but I wouldn’t get one again. The fries were great though! 🙂 We ate on some random stoop…


We ended the night by sharing a beer cupcake that we picked up on our walk back home and watched HIMYM on Netflix.


Just like home. 🙂 But way more fun because it’s vacation. We fell asleep a little early on this night and as a result I was up at 6:30am on Sunday morning totally rested! I had some breakfast of grapes and Fiber One with PB (we brought a little bit of our own food for the trip) and then did a ZWOW. After some blogging and getting ready we headed out for a full day of walking around Philly!! First stop was the Comcast Center which is an enormous glass office that has tons of cool things to see inside. Unfortunately it’s closed on Sundays but since it’s made of glass we could still see what we came for- the video wall. It’s an enormous wall that plays beautiful videos 500 times the resolution of a home TV. It’s amazing it is that large and so incredibly crystal clear.


It’s hard to see, but that house and forest “reflecting” in the glass is actually the video wall inside the building. Next we went to Love Park to see the beautiful fountain and, of course, LOVE sign!!




I have always wanted to go here! From the park we walked to the Reading Terminal Market which has tons of little shops and places to eat inside and we knew exactly where we were headed: Tommy DiNic’s. This is another of our Travel Channel/Food Network places and the place that Adam Richman has deemed as having the BEST sandwich in America! We knew just what to order- the roast pork sandwich with provolone and broccoli rabe. Just like you are supposed to.



Oh wow. I don’t know about best sandwich ever but it’s got to be up there! The pork is so juicy and perfect and carved right in front of you, the seasonings are incredible and the broccoli rabe lends the right amount of bitterness to cut through the juices, just perfect! I ate most of my half but gave some to Zach since I was getting full and he was practically drooling over my portion. 🙂 We walked around the market digesting before our next booth we had to stop at – Bassett’s ice cream. Bassett’s is THE oldest ice cream company in America (since 1861!!) and they have a very high butterfat content in their ice cream. This means rich, creamy and NOT low-cal! Haha! The smallest size you could order was 2 scoops so we got a scoop of Raspberry Swirl and a scoop of Gadzooks (vanilla with caramel swirl and chocolate PB).


This was incredible. The thickest ice cream I have ever had! It’s probably a good thing this place is not closer to home… We walked to the Liberty Bell next which had an enormous line of people waiting to get in to view it. We just opted to look at it through the window from outside. 🙂


We walked over to Independence Hall where the constitution was signed, saw remnants of the president’s house and saw the grave of the unknown soldiers. It was a lot of very rich history and was cool to be right there seeing all of it so many years later.




We made the long trek back to our place and got into our apartment just as there was a small rainshower outside, our first of the trip. Luckily it was over quickly and was while we were relaxing anyway! We had a little pink champagne and played some cards then got ready for one of our fancier “anniversary dinners”. We walked to Talula’s Garden for an exciting and delicious meal.




We started out with the Master’s Collection of cheese:


This had everything from blue, to purple haze, to stilton, taleggio and our favorite: Abbott’s Gold Cheddar- amazing. We ate this with little pieces of bread that came with it. To drink I got a cocktail called “the Butcher” that was a spicy bloody mary and it tasted like drinking cocktail sauce! If you think that’s gross you are wrong…it’s delicious. 🙂


For supper I got a chicken liver parfait and fresh-picked local asparagus salad with crunchy chicken skin bread crumbs, greens, sunny side egg and toast.


Zach had the crispy Pennsylvania lamb shoulder confit: buttery polenta, wilted treviso, tangy feta, and oregano-rosemary-zinfandel vinaigrette.


Not a bad bite. We turned down dessert but they brought out two little raspberry bites with a lemon cream mousse on the house!


Back at our place we settled in for the night and I had a chocolate strawberry. 🙂 Got up in the morning for a run before packing up and heading out and that was Philly!


Sunday in Philly we did 9.75 miles!! That’s a lot of walking. The next morning (Monday morning) I got up and ran 1.5 miles. People do NOT smile at you while you run in Philly. Or say hello. Not like the Cardinal Greenway at all! Haha. But they might holler at you for your number… Yesterday (not including the run) we walked a total of 3.63 miles, not quite as many since it was more driving yesterday but that’s for a later post…

This brings my miles to…

614.5 miles. (Adding up fast on vacation!!) 57/200 running miles.



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