25 Jun

Okay, where were we? 🙂 Monday morning we pulled out of Philly on a beautiful, cloudless day and headed to the Jersey Shore! Our destination was the town of Seaside Heights which was hit really hard during Hurricane Sandy. Apparently the last board of the new boardwalk was placed on Saturday, just two days before we got there. You could definitely tell that they were still rebuilding- lots of stores still not open on the boardwalk and the amusement rides still down but overall their progress is amazing!



We made straight for the beach and immediately laid out and soaked up the sun.




It got HOT! It got up to 103 degrees on this day and we were so happy. 🙂 We went down to the water to cool off and…ice cubes!! I knew the Atlantic up north was pretty cold but I didn’t expect it to be this cold already! Maine, yes. Jersey Shore, no. Zach never got in higher than his ankles until the last time he got in and he fully dove in. I, on the other hand, was too hot and would run out in the freezing water, douse myself in a wave, then run back up the beach to dry off. 🙂


After we baked/read for awhile we hit the boardwalk to check it out and find lunch. We didn’t realize how long the thing was, it was over a mile! We were so hot we got dessert BEFORE lunch- the famous Kohr’s custard.


I have always heard of Kohr’s on the Jersey Shore and it was great! We got their special twist- chocolate and PB in a kid’s size and shared. For lunch we got a vegetarian panini (one of the only lighter options on this boardwalk of fried food) and each had a half.


It was huge! We went back down to the beach and stayed out several more hours until the clouds started to come in.




Until then we hadn’t seen a cloud the whole day! We decided to head out and went to Clifton, NJ for dinner at another Travel Channel find, Rutt’s Hut. It did not look like somewhere to eat at all! Haha!


They are famous for their deep-fried hot dogs known as rippers because they rip open when cooked and their homemade relish.



We each had one and they were good, but still a hot dog. I mean I enjoyed it but I am not a huge hot dog person sooo, it was a really good hot dog. 🙂 Back in the car we headed out and ate some grapes since that wasn’t much of a dinner. We had major traffic going around New York City but it was fun to see the city so close by (that’s a vacation all on it’s own…) but finally got to New Haven, CT where we spent the night in a Day’s Inn. Next up, Connecticut and Rhode Island!

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