23 Jun

Any hope of getting a good night’s sleep was kind of down the drain for Thursday night. But honestly it didn’t matter too much, I was just so excited!! I hope that I never lose this enthusiasm for life and adventure, that would be a true loss. So Thursday night after work I booked it to the gym for a semi-easy 30 minutes on the treadmill at a steep incline (1.79 miles and   calories). I never post my weight on here anymore because I’ve been working on the weighing in/putting all hopes on a number mentality and leaning more on clothes fit and how I feel but I do want to say that in the past 3 1/2 weeks I’ve dropped over 8 lbs. Just from clean eating, hard work and minimal drinking. Look what can be done when you put your mind to the task! Needless to say I feel more vacation ready than ever! 🙂 But enough of that “bragfest”.

Friday morning Zach and I were up by 2:15am (I was actually up about 20 minutes earlier) to head out. Being up so early with excitement reminded me of that very day 5 years ago when I was up with adrenaline, not able to sleep because it was my wedding day!!! I have been so absolutely blessed and fortunate to have been married to the man of my dreams for 5 years now. He is the sweetest husband I know and truly my better half. So excited for this next two weeks of celebrating our love with him!!!

We hit the road and I immediately went back to sleep. 🙂 After a couple of hours I was up with the sun and had finally enjoyed some sleep that wasn’t interrupted by anxiety. It was a beautiful morning and a lovely day for driving.


After a bit we switched so that Zach could nap some and I drove. I never knew how hilly Maryland was but it was similar at times to driving in Tennessee! It was nice to leave so early in the morning because not only did we escape traffic but despite the 9 hour drive, it was only noon when we got to Baltimore! We went straight to Chap’s Pit Beef- a local favorite that has been on Food Network and Travel Channel. Proof…


They are known for their pit beef and their “tiger sauce” (a mayo-horseradish mix). We shared a Bulldog sandwich which had pit beef, cheese and sausage and we used the tiger sauce and BBQ sauce. I ate a little over 1/4 of it and Zach had the rest. 🙂 EXCELLENT sandwich. I would so go back here!


Then we went to our Airbnb place for Baltimore. We used Airbnb to book a good portion of this trip and our first place was incredible! Our host Susanne has a whole building with apartments she rents out to people so we had an entire apartment that was beautiful. Here’s a few shots…




After settling in we walked to Faidley’s to pick up the world-famous crab cakes. They were supposed to be for breakfast in the morning but Zach couldn’t stand it and ate his right away. 🙂 I save mine!


After Faidley’s we walked around the Mt. Vernon area and took in the culture and saw the Baltimore version of the Washington monument.


Dinner this night was at Woodberry Kitchen. An upscale, farm-to-table, all local ingredients restaurant (you know, our favorite kind!). The atmosphere was so neat as we ate up in the loft.


I had a little less than one slice of homemade bread with this incredible fresh butter.


For dinner Zach got the chicken and biscuits with broccoli rabe and I ate half a biscuit with some chicken- excellent!


I got this pea shoot salad with smoked rockfish, radishes and an herb cream. It was awfully small but it tasted wonderful, we just loved this place!


We turned down dessert but we had told our waiter all about our trip and he thought it sounded awesome. Next thing we know he brings us a teeny tiny (like 4 bites!) homemade grasshopper ice cream with a tiny shortbread cookie piece on a plate with “Welcome to Baltimore” written in chocolate! On the house. That was too cool of him! 🙂 By the way, the mint in the grasshopper ice cream? It was growing right outside on their patio. Talk about fresh!


After dinner we went to Max’s Taphouse for a “Rare and Obscure” beer event. We thought it was a pub but it was really more like a bar. I had a great beer though and it was fun to try something that I could never get back home!



Next was the pier in the Inner Harbor for an absolutely breathtaking view:




We ended the night in Little Italy with a small Italian cookies and cream gelato from Vaccaro’s. A perfect first day!!



The next morning I got up and had my run in the city and came back for breakfast. I had a plum and my crab cake from Faidley’s.




Okay. They aren’t lying. Best. Crabcake. Ever. So moist and delicious! Not dry or overly breadcrumbed at all and I loved it. I only ate half though and let Zach have the other half- it was just so rich and buttery I couldn’t eat that much of it at one time! So good though.



So that was Baltimore! Next it was on to Philly…


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