22 Jun

Saturday Morning

I am working on my first day’s post but that means lots of pictures that still need edited and I don’t exactly have time for that right now! So a quick workout update is all because I want to stay on top of that. Despite spending 9 hours in the car yesterday we still got in a good amount of walking since that is going to be our primary mode of transportation this vacation. 🙂 Total yesterday we did 6.58 miles and I still burned over 2300 calories for the day which is crazy since, like I said, we spent almost half the day in the car! This morning I was up early after the most refreshing night’s sleep I have had in a week so I went for a quick run around Baltimore. I did a little over a mile and it was so fun to run and see new sights in a new city, as well as the fact that it is a gorgeous morning! Although I did see the largest dead rat I have ever seen which was not one of the finer sights, but otherwise… Running in Baltimore went like this: going downhill thinking “I am so fast! This is awesome! I love running in Baltimore!!” to suddenly scaling the biggest incline ever thinking “Are my feet even moving? You can’t even call what I am doing running! Is this over yet?” Haha, it was an experience. I burned 177 calories which is a lot more than running a mile at home- shows you what those hills can do!

Breakfast now and then off to our next stop- Philly!

593 miles. 55.5/200 running miles.


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