20 Jun

Thursday Morning

I hope you read that title in a singing sound because that is how I intended it. 🙂 Today is my Friday!!! Down to 8 hours of work until I am FREEEEE! Zach’s taking the day off work to mow and get some stuff and help pack and that will be greatly appreciated for all of this last minute stuff! On top of work and packing and all that I have also been cleaning like crazy. It’s so much nicer to come home to a clean house than a messy one! We’ve been eating up the fridge all week and we are down to just a few things. Mostly egg whites, almond milk, turkey bacon and cheese are the perishables left. Sounds like breakfast!

Exercise yesterday: morning 30 minutes on gazelle, evening spin class for 73 minutes, 22.4 miles (I was worn out tonight!) and 435 calories.

Last night we went to the Heorot to do trivia with friends. Two of our friends were in from California and we all got together to see them. Surprisingly trivia never started! So instead we all visited which was just as fun. 🙂 Everyone with beer in hand…except for Jordan. Instead I chewed gum. You know me and my self-imposed drinking hiatuses. 🙂 Besides that beer and a half (which was two weeks ago) I haven’t had any drinks in 18 days. I am very much looking forward to a glass of wine! This vacation is NOT going to be overboard though. I am going to journal every meal/drink/snack for vacation like I used to do for 1) accountability and 2) because I want to look back later and see all our awesome stuff we had. I will definitely enjoy myself but will keep it reasonable. This is also going to be the most active vacation I have ever been on so I am really looking forward to all the calories burned through that! Lots and lots and lots of walking ahead… I think with all my Greenway jaunts I am prepared. 🙂

My first act of vacation will be to head to the gym as soon as I get off work, a great way to start honestly! Then we will pack up the car tonight, say goodbye to my parents and hit the hay super early for a 2:30am wakeup call. I will be blogging when I can, a lot of our stops have wifi. So excited about the adventures ahead and so grateful to God for the opportunity!

(Have I mentioned tomorrow is our FIVE year wedding anniversary? 🙂 It may seem overshadowed by vacation every year, but really vacation is just a long 2 week stretch of celebrating us!!)

585.5 miles.


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