19 Jun

Wednesday Morning

AH! It’s yet another new day and one day closer! Yesterday was an absolute whirlwind. On the workout front I did my morning booty call, I did ZWOW 2 at nap-time, biked to Mom and Dad’s after work, went on a Greenway walk with Mom, biked home after supper at Mom and Dad’s. Whew! The biking was 6 miles (about 18 minutes both ways), the walk was 31 min., 1.78 miles, 181 calories and the ZWOW went like this:

  • 5 manmakers
  • 20 low burpee hops
  • 10 twisted push-ups
  • 25 competition sit-ups

Repeat 3 times. This took 15 and a half minutes and wasn’t the toughest of workouts but was still a good one! The twisting push-ups were definitely challenging!!

On the food front I have been working at eating up the fridge- gotta get rid of those perishables! So lunch was the rest of the leftover tofu potato hash with an egg on top. For dinner it was nice to not have to fix anything and Mom made some wonderful fish, pasta and veggies. I got some more vacation stuff accomplished, lots of clothes tried on and packed and then crashed into bed. I had a thankfully good night’s sleep last night (I sure needed it!) and now have a very full plate today. Work and packing all day, right to the gym for spin after, home to fix up more fridge food, to the store for a few last minute things, off to trivia night at the Heorot (no drinking for me) to see some friends who are in town from California as well as some of our friends right here in Muncie!, then back home to crash and hopefully sleep well again!

577 miles.


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