17 Jun

Monday Morning

Father’s Day with my wonderful family…






Zach’s parents are off on vacation so we didn’t get to see them today. We took Dad to Cooper’s Hawk last night for dinner and I made nothing but good choices!! NO drinks. NO bread at the table. Zach and I ordered off their life balance menu and got a house salad and an herb-roasted chicken and shared both.



The house salad was 333 calories (but I know I had much less because I didn’t eat the croutons and only used a small portion of the dressing) and the chicken dish was 518. I actually got so full though that Zach finished off my portion of the chicken as well! Now I don’t always eat so militantly when it’s a special event but with vacation THIS WEEK I am being nothing but perfect. 🙂 It’s paying off too because all of my shorts are getting loose!

This morning I made pancake oatmeal- I haven’t done this for quite awhile and it was excellent!


I love bringing old favorites back to life.


Now I am working my last Monday before vacation. Every day this week is a “last before vacation” and I can hardly stand it!!! Less than 4 workdays left! There is still a lot of packing today but I am really starting to feel totally ready. EEEEE!


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