11 Jun

Tuesday Morning

Yesterday was pretty busy as I imagine every day leading up to vacation will be now. By the time my head hit the pillow I was OUT but had that good feeling of some tasks being accomplished. I just can’t believe how fast it is flying up on us. TEN days from today. I only have 8 workdays left until I am free for 17 days. Unbelievable. It is always the best time of the year. 🙂 Not to mention getting to spend completely uninterrupted time with the love of my life. We’re praying for good weather as the majority of what we are doing will be outside but we will make the best of it regardless!

So last night I went to the gym after work and did 30 minutes on the elliptical followed up by some reps on the ab equipment there. (2.1 miles and 205 calories) After the gym it was a rushed dinner (I had a salad and one pepperjack risotto cake), off to Bible Study, then to the grocery for late shopping trip and home to crash.

This morning for breakfast I whipped up some chocolate greek yogurt! I mixed cocoa powder + honey with FAGE and it turned to chocolatey goodness. Added strawberries and it was divine!

IMG_2188 IMG_2190


Another busy, vacation-planning filled day ahead!

537.5 miles.


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