8 Jun

Saturday Afternoon

The cookout last night was great on all fronts! It was a great time with friends, a lovely night and I ate great! On the food front my fruit salad was totally consumed by the end of the night! I ate a good amount of fruit, a brat with no bun and pretzel sticks with dip (I never actually put any on my plate but I managed to grab one or two about every time I was by the dip, which I tried to make sure was not too often because that dip was a delicious devil!!). To drink I opened a bomber (about the size of a bottle of wine) of a craft beer called Serendipity. I drank a little over half of it, the equivalent of a beer and a half -and that was it! No more to drink and I didn’t even have a s’more. 🙂

On the friend front I got to see Leah which doesn’t happen too often these days and she’s getting more and more pregnant!


As well as lots of friends that I see more often…

IMG_2139 IMG_2144 IMG_2152 IMG_2115

The cookout was at our friends Everett and Brooke’s house in the country. They have a big backyard and set up a slackline which is like a really difficult balance beam. It is sooo hard and the only people who could make it all the way across were Brooke and Everett. I got better as they night went on though and made it as far as half-way a few times! You may remember us doing this in my backyard this past Halloween. Here’s some of our fun:

IMG_2112 IMG_2108 IMG_2093 IMG_2087


We had a nice bonfire at night and Zach and I left at 11. So nice to get home at a decent time as well. 🙂

This morning I got up, had a slice of toast and hit the Greenway for a long workout. I did an hour and 24 minutes of walk/reading and running. I did 5 miles on the nose and burned 583 calories!! It was a good one! People are starting to recognize me as the person who walks and reads haha! I had two biker guys pass me while I was running and they go “Hey! You aren’t reading your book today!” and I laughed and told them I did that in between running. I also passed some other people that I am starting to recognize who smile and say “that’s still impressive!”. It’s my best trick truly.

Making homemade pizza sauce (a laborious process) for a homemade pizza I am making for dinner tonight- dough and all. About to lay out int he backyard now until I go see “The Great Gatsby” this afternoon with Hillary! Great Saturday 🙂

531.5 miles.


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