6 Jun

Thursday Morning

I was so wiped out-exhausted by the time I got home from spin class last night that I made part of my recipe wrong. And it still turned out good! That’s a relief. 🙂 I made Roasted Sesame Asparagus from my “Vegan Planet” cookbook and it was really very simple. Not sure how I messed it up…


You are supposed to toss cut up asparagus with S+P (I did), peanut oil (I did) and cook in the oven until done. Then toss with toasted sesame seeds (I did) and toasted sesame oil. Well, I accidentally added the sesame oil before cooking at the same time as I added the peanut oil. Oops. I am telling you though, my brain was fried. I think allergies are acting up again this week or something because I am eating great, getting in good workouts, sleeping 8+ hours and yet I am waking up tired and only get progressively more tired throughout the day. The afternoon is the absolute worst. Hopefully I’ll snap out of this soon!


The other part of dinner was a pepperjack risotto cake. I didn’t have to make these, I just had to heat them up in the oven!


Back on his birthday (a while ago, yes) Zach got a giftcard to Omaha Steaks from my Uncle Greg. Omaha Steaks allows you to order incredible cuts of meat that have all the good stats (you know- grass fed, no antibiotics, etc. etc) and we only finally ordered off the site a month ago. We ordered a pack of 8 individually wrapped bacon-wrapped filet mignons and a box of pepperjack risotto cakes (they sell other things besides meat). We actually had our first filet each last Friday and they were great but I didn’t blog about it. Well last night the risotto cakes were the other meal component and they were AWESOME. I could have eaten like 3 (well maybe not 3…) but they do have pretty high stats for their size so I stuck with one. That one was still decently filling though and totally delicious. Zach had 2 but there are still several left in the pack so they will be making an appearance from time to time!


At spin class last night I was glad I got there early and had time on my side to get a long workout in because I was definitely lacking intensity. Still, I got 68 minutes in of 22.3 miles and 491 calories.


518.5 miles.


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