3 Jun

Monday Morning

For Mother’s Day I got my Mom a ticket (along with one for myself) for the annual Vintage IN wine festival. Well this event took place this past weekend on Saturday and all week the weather for it looked terrible. Even on Saturday the hourly radar showed that it was going to be raining off and on all morning and then there would be extremely severe thunderstorms all afternoon/evening. So what did we do? We decided to go anyway and get in as much as we could before the storms came! Turned out this was a good plan because…the storms NEVER came; in fact, the rain didn’t even come! It wasn’t a beautiful day by any means but we weren’t cold and we weren’t wet and our lines were not long at all, I think due to the threat of severe weather.

Since the day had turned out so much nicer than we hoped we got to spend several hours visiting every winery present and tasting lots of unique, fun wines and a few pretty terrible ones. 🙂

DSCF0070 DSCF0078 DSCF0084

When we took a lunch break I got this caprese pasta salad from JJ’s food truck and it was wholesome and delicious.


We got to see a friend of Mom’s working one of the tents, I got asked to do a jumping picture with a stranger for a bachelorette party (of course I took a picture of this too!), we devoured some loaded tater tots from JJ’s in the one ridiculously long line of the day for Madison County Winery, bought a few bottles apiece of some cool wines and overall just had the best time!!

DSCF0086 DSCF0088


Until next year Vintage…

*Workout update*

Yesterday (Sunday) Mom and I again ignored the threat of weather to go for a super long walk by the river. There were ominous clouds at the beginning of our walk but it never rained and it was beautiful and downright hot by the end! It was a walk filled with wildlife. We saw 3 blue heron, a line of 35 geese swimming in a row (it was the most geese in a row I have ever seen!) and to cap it off we saw over 40 turtles!! We saw a few turtles while walking the path by the river but almost all of them were sunning themselves at the base of the bridge on the concrete. It was crazy how many there were! We walked for 1 hr. and 19 minutes, did 3.65 miles and burned 436 calories!

505 miles.


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