31 May

Friday Morning

A lot of times when I make soup I have such high hopes for how it will turn out and then am somewhat disappointed. Not always, but often. This is doubly bad because the recipes always make so much soup that I have leftovers I don’t look forward to eating. Well this was NOT the case with last night’s dinner! I made Makeover Curried Chicken and Rice Soup  from a “Taste of Home: Healthy Cooking” magazine. Taste of Home almost never lets me down (plus I can always find the recipe online to link up to!) and it definitely didn’t tonight!


During nap I prepped all the vegetables and chicken and rice and that made it so easy to throw this dinner together!


Zach loved it just as much as I did (as evidenced by his two large bowls he ate) and we didn’t even add any extra pepper or seasoning which we often do to soup. This will definitely be a “make again” and I am adding it to my soup favorites on the recipe page!


On the exercise front I did 30 minutes on the gazelle per usual. For the evening workout Zach and I had been planning on a bike ride ALL day. The first bike ride of the season I might add. Well it was lovely all day and then late afternoon when I was outside with the kids there was a bit of thunder and a little rain and we had to go inside. I was worried our ride would get rained out but it cleared up and the radar wasn’t showing rain for another hour +. As soon as I got off work we headed out on bikes through our neighborhood and rode the short distance to the Greenway. Shortly after we turned around to head back…BOOM! Uh-oh. We were still a good 4 miles from home and the rain started coming down. Not too hard, but still, we were getting wet. We pedaled like crazy and luckily it let up. Only 10 minutes after we made it in the door the skies broke loose! Close call. 🙂

We had a great time! (8.2 miles, 50 minutes- biking a real bike is SO much different mileage wise than a spin bike!!) I didn’t put my calories because I don’t think it tabulates them properly on a real bike. It said for 50 minutes I burned 168 and I KNOW that’s not true. Zach’s phone (he tracked our route for half of the time) said that in just 23 min. we’d burned 218. Now that may be a little bit high for me since it probably averages, but still. I think it’s because it is on my hip and isn’t picking up the motion that much. In spin class the bike is a different adjustment and I am standing a lot as well so it picks up a full range of movement. Ah well, it felt like a great workout to me! 🙂

After some nerts we watched more HIMYM and I made a delicious little snack:



Banana “ice cream”. I blended one frozen banana and sprinkled on cinnamon and added a little honey. Wonderful, natural…great!

495.5 miles.


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