30 May

Thursday Afternoon

Memorial Day weekend continued…

Sunday morning we all got up and headed to brunch at the Copper Cellar. It was completely awesome inside!


The food was definitely good though it was the least outstanding food of the weekend (but that just means our other food was even better!!). I had a “steak and eggs” type dish which is not normally my thing but it just sounded great on this morning!


It was pieces of steak on english muffins topped with poached eggs and hollandaise. A side of hash browns and a slice of fresh canteloupe completed the meal!


After brunch we set out to Big Ridge (I think?) state park for a looong hike. We thought we were doing a 5.5-ish mile and ended up doing almost 7! It was a beautiful trail though…

IMG_1967 IMG_1969

We even passed through two really old cemeteries which was appropriate since this was Memorial Day weekend!

IMG_1971 IMG_1975 IMG_1981

I really wish we live closer to good hiking, this whole weekend was so wonderful having amazing, beautiful trails almost right in the backyard! After our hike everyone was craving something sweet and we went to the Marble Slab (like a Coldstone). I just wanted something small though so I had a kids cup of cinnamon bun ice cream; not really picture worthy but tasty nonetheless!

We went back to the house to rest our feet and John and Heather introduced us to the show “Arrested Development”. I love young Michael Cera. 🙂 When we were finally ready to move again we headed to the dinner destination of the night- Sunspot.



I got a rosemary/pear vodka drink that was okay but I wouldn’t get it again.


Our dinner on the other hand was INCREDIBLE!! Best meal of the trip FOR SURE!


A lot of the menu is vegetarian and that is the way Zach and I opted to go. I ordered the green chile and cheddar grit cake: herbed goat cheese, grilled zucchini, portabella mushrooms, grilled cherry tomatoes, roasted tomato sauce, chipotle crema, pico de gallo.


Oh my this was heavenly. Zach tried it, as always, and was expecting it to be a little boring or not enjoy it that much and he couldn’t stop raving about it! His meal was equally incredible though. He got sweet potato waffle fries with some toppings (I just had one of these though since I am not a huge sweet potato fan) and buffalo fried tofu. Oh wow. The buffalo fried tofu may sound strange but it was awesome. I would take these over wings ANY day (though I’m not a big wing fan to begin with…). The tofu has been cut into strips and coated in a buffalo “wing” coating. The flavors were out of this world and I swear that anyone who is not tofu person would try this and love it. They probably wouldn’t even realize it’s tofu! So basically, we were in love with Sunspot. When are we moving to Knoxville?? 😉

We crashed pretty soon after getting home because we were all worn out! We did make a french toast casserole for the next morning though. ****sleep****

Then it was morning! 🙂 We got up and got everything ready to have more TN family over for brunch. We made a very whole foods, all-natural french toast casserole using cinnamon raisin bread that Heather had made as well as apples and raisins. It was great and no one missed the extra sugar!


I had two plates like this of mostly fruit with two small pieces of the french toast casserole and a delicious green chile egg casserole that my aunt made. After a little visiting we got family portraits before we hit the road!

IMG_2005 IMG_2006

On our travels home Zach and I stopped at a winery in Kentucky just for fun. It was called Acres of Land Winery and restaurant and was absolutely beautiful. We didn’t get to enjoy it much though because it was the fastest tasting we have every done. We got there with still 40 minutes to closing but we were the only people there. The guy who did our tasting (we swear he was just a kitchen worker from the back) didn’t tell us a single thing about any wine. He just poured and stood there waiting for us to drink it as fast as possible and tell him our next selection. It was so strange and we were cracking up together about it the second we walked out the door, an experience for sure! 🙂


And that’s a wrap! Another wonderful trip with the love of my life. 🙂 My how we love travel!



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