29 May

Wednesday Afternoon

*Workout update* 

Yesterday was the normal 30 minutes on the gazelle in the morning + 33 minutes on the gazelle in the afternoon + a 1 mile run in the neighborhood after work + 15 minute neighborhood walk in the late evening with Zach. All of that added up to 4.5 miles and a decent day of workouts!

It felt like a Monday yesterday anyway but especially when we still got together with our Bible study! We all had a cookout and it was a great way to get to spend time with each other and get a chance to just talk and become an even tighter-knit group. I made two different things to contribute, both healthy dishes so that I knew I had something good to eat! I made a beautiful, layered fruit salad:


It started with grapes on the bottom and then went blueberries, kiwi, strawberries, canteloupe and pineapple. This looks huge but I came home with NOTHING. Everyone loved it! You really can’t beat fresh fruit. My other contribution was veggie packs. I chopped up red and green peppers, onion, zucchini, squash and potatoes and seasoned them with salt, pepper, oregano and tossed in olive oil. The easiest way to cook veggies on a grill is just to line them on some foil and then seal it with another foil piece. They cook evenly and you don’t lose any little pieces down in the grill.


I did come home with a little bit of leftovers (I made 3 packs) but the people who prefer to eat healthier loved them and were grateful I brought them. 🙂 As for myself, I enjoyed both the fruit and veggies as well as pasta salad and cheesy potatoes. I opted out of the brats and hamburgers to instead have a small slice of brownie + a scoop of caramel apple salad. A fun time was had by all! 

482.5 miles. 44.5/200 running miles. (Realllllly got to pick it up on the running!!)


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