26 May

Sunday Morning

We are having such a fabulous time in Tennessee so far! I can’t wait to get some pictures uploaded and share them. We have enjoyed some really good food and some incredible hiking plus I got to spend all of yesterday afternoon and evening with Kori!! Right now though I am just updating my activity record. Friday I did 55 minutes on the gazelle before we left. We got in around 8pm and talked and caught up with John and Heather and then taught them how to play Nerts! Yes, we make everyone learn this game. 🙂 We went to bed pretty early which suited me just fine!

I’ll write more about Saturday later but as for the exercise I broke almost every record I have yesterday! My new record amount of steps in a day: 30,465. Floors climbed: 140. Calories burned: 2,880. Miles covered: 12.26. Why do I have such crazy stats from yesterday? Well there was a lot of walking in general and as for formal exercise we did a 5 mile trail with John and Heather through a gorgeous neighborhood (burned over 500 calories). We did this trail last year and it is just the nicest path that goes by all these beautiful mansions. The weather was perfect for it too! Then when Kori got in she and I hiked House Mountain (another thing I did last year) and had an absolute blast! It took us an hour and 10 minutes to reach the summit and it only took us 38 minutes going back down. 🙂 Shows you how tough going up is! Burned a lot more calories going up though.

So it was a day FILLED with activity and we have more hiking ahead today! Loving this!!

471.5 miles.


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