22 May

Wednesday Afternoon

While I want to post all about the wonderful day I had yesterday and wonderful date I had last night I just don’t have the time or the pictures upload yet! So for now I will settle with a workout update. Guess what I did yesterday afternoon? INSANITY! Yep. I knew that I would not be doing an evening workout since Zach and I were going somewhere right after work so I wanted a solid afternoon workout. I popped in Cardio Power and Resistance and it was my first Insanity workout in a few weeks I believe. It was not easy. (read: it was hard!!) But I did the whole thing moderately well and was glad to do it! I still am not ready to jump back into the full commitment of it yet but it makes a great, tough workout to intersperse here and there.

Stats: 40 minutes, 218 calories (definitely a little low!) and 1.07 miles.

When I get a chance I’ll post about our fun date 🙂
451.5 miles.


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