21 May

Monday Afternoon

What a busy weekend!! Let’s backtrack to Friday shall we? The day started off normally with gazelle workout and working by then by 1:30 I was free and Zach and I were excited to spend the rest of the day with Christine and Tobi! We liked Tobi instantly and the 4 of us ended up having a fantastic time the whole weekend. So our very first stop once I got off work? Tonne of course. Would it really be anything else? 🙂 It was a very nice day and so after they tasted some wines we got a bottle and sat out on the patio!


After Tonne it was time for dinner somewhere local, just like Tonne this was pretty much a no-brainer. Puerto!!


I ate my usual cheese enchilada and copious amounts of chips, salsa and cheese dip. 🙂 No drinks at Puerto. After this it was time for our epic drive. We drove Tobi alllll around Muncie and Yorktown to everywhere that had meaning to Christine- old schools, old houses, old hangouts, etc.


IMG_1618 IMG_1620

I found a discarded Yorktown sweatshirt all by it’s lonesome in the rain. Mine now!! Quite fitting since my husband is Yorktown’s soccer coach. 🙂

IMG_1621 IMG_1631

We had an incredible time taking pics everywhere but by far the best was the house with the pond… (no one lives there it’s been vacant over a decade and we have ALWAYS loved going out here!!)

IMG_1669 IMG_1671 IMG_1694 IMG_1703 IMG_1713 IMG_1719 IMG_1725

Oh man that was so much fun. I really miss having her around! We got back to the house and cleaned up after our questionable pond excursion. Then after hanging out a bit we decided to go out with some friends. Zach and I don’t go out very often but it was nice to see people and Christine got to catch up with a lot of old friends so that was good too!

DSCF9173 DSCF9177 DSCF9189

Saturday my poor husband roofed for over 12 and a half hours! From 8am until after 8:30pm. He’s such a hard worker. I got to go to lunch with Christine and Tobi and meet Christine’s “practically grandparents” Lee and Pat. Lee and Pat are an older couple that Christine has always been close to. I actually met Lee at a race last year but this is the first time I got to meet Pat. They are so sweet and paid for all our lunches and it was great to meet such wonderful people who have always been a big part of Christine’s life. Christine and Tobi had a wedding that took up the rest of their Saturday and with everyone else gone I turned into a couch vegetable until Zach got home! 🙂

Sunday morning we sadly said our goodbyes before Zach and I left for church. We were up early enough that we made a rare Sunday morning trip to Concannons for doughnuts-that was fun! Then Zach had to roof some more (telling you, hard worker!) and I went for a good walk with a book on the Greenway for 47 min., 2.75 miles exactly and 287 calories burned. We ended our weekend building a fort and watching more HIMYM. A great time that has left me catching up on both housework and exercise now. Can’t believe this coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend already!!!

Updated mileage after the weekend: 445.5 miles.


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