21 May

Tuesday Morning

Yesterday’s exercise: 23 minutes on the gazelle (such a busy Monday morning that I didn’t even do my full 30, this resulted in a mile instead of the usual 1.5) and then a nice, long 57 minute Greenway walk with Zach before Bible study. It was the perfect evening for walking and as usual we really enjoyed just getting to hold hands and talk with no distractions! We did 2.5 miles and I burned 331 calories.

So today is an exciting day- it’s Zach and I’s 10 year anniversary of dating! We have been together a whole decade!!! I am just going to attach what I wrote on my facebook this morning because it pretty much sums it all up:

“Today I have been with this man for a DECADE!!! What a milestone to reach! He is the most wonderful man that I know and treats me far beyond what I deserve every day of my life. I am SO thrilled and so blessed to have been able to call him mine for 10 years now. I can’t imagine anyone who makes me smile more, laugh harder, makes me feel more loved and makes me want to be a better person every day of my life. Happy “dating anniversary” to the one who has all of my heart!!!”



I am going to put his facebook post as well because it’s just so sweet!

“10 years ago I asked Jordan twibell to be my girlfriend.. At that moment I had no idea she would be such a beautiful, Godly, hard working, amazing cook,adventurous, funny, and loving wife! I just thought she was pretty cool! Well let me tell you.. All the guys in high school really missed out and I’m so glad God gave me the insight to ask that “pretty cool” girl out.. As she is such an amazing wife and has all the qualities I would of wanted in a wife! Happy 10 year dating anniversary Jordan Rabenstein!”

🙂 How did I get so fortunate?? Very excited because he has informed me that we are going to be having a special night! I love special nights!! Also so far today I have been finding post-its stuck around the house of the “Top 10 reasons why I love you”. What an amazing guy!

449 miles.


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