17 May

Friday Morning

Last night for dinner I made Chicken and Red Pepper Quesadillas from “Now Eat This!”. Except I didn’t make it the way it called for. At all. So what DID I do? Well here’s a look at the inside of my quesadilla…


I sauteed green peppers first to get them soft. Then I sprayed a skillet and placed down a 9-inch La Tortilla Factory tortilla. Topped this with the following:

  • sauteed green peppers
  • roasted red peppers
  • cilantro
  • tomatillo salsa mixed with regular salsa
  • FF cheddar cheese
  • S+P

Then I put another tortilla on top and heated through. Flipped once to get the other side crispy as well then cut it into pieces and split it between Zach and I!


There was FAGE on the side for dipping.


This was so quick and easy and yet was healthy and delicious too! The best kind of meal 🙂



It makes me wonder what I should stuff into a quesadilla next…

The gym last night was a quick 25 minutes at a steep incline on the treadmill (172 calories, 1.59 miles).

I have been meaning to talk about it forever but I keep forgetting: Insanity. Obviously I haven’t been posting Insanity workouts and unfortunately I am afraid that we both got burned out on it. I was worried that would happen. I really do want to do the entire thing all the way through but I think when I start again I will allow 2 or occasionally 3 different non-Insanity days a week. Probably for someone who makes Insanity their only workout of the day could plow through it but the fact that I like to do it in the afternoon and still hit the gym made for a workout overload. I love it though and still think it is a fantastic workout and will probably start it again after vacation! I may even throw in Insanity DVD workouts here and there just because they are so great!

Christine and Tobi are here now and we have some really fun plans for today, very excited!!!

441.5 miles.


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