16 May

Thursday Morning

I think that I am discovering that morning is the best time to write up posts, typically about the night before! Last night’s dinner was just leftovers but I had something specific I wanted to introduce:


A mango. Now perhaps you eat mangoes every week, maybe you have never eaten one at all or maybe you are even like me and have only tried a mango once or twice a long, long time ago and weren’t crazy about it. Well Zach picked up a mango for me this week at the grocery and it was ripe and ready so I decided to eat it with my leftover quinoa pilaf (it was a light dinner last night). It had been over a year at least since my mango experience and if I remember correctly I only took a bite or two last time and didn’t care for it. Well last night I ate the whole thing but I don’t think I will be buying one again. Here are my mango thoughts…

  1. I am not crazy about the flavor of the peel
  2. I absolutely love the juicy flesh on the inside
  3. The pit is the largest, weirdest shape of a fruit pit I have ever encountered
  4. (and the reason that mango will not be a staple in my diet) It is so STRINGY!


While eating this odd fruit I got soooo many, for lack of a better term, “hairs” in my teeth that it was crazy! I had to floss immediately after eating this before I could eat any of my pilaf. I seriously had strings between almost every tooth, very uncomfortable… So that was my mango adventure. 🙂

Spin class was fantastic tonight! I did 71 minutes, 28.6 miles and burned 468 calories. Then after dinner it was such a gorgeous evening that Zach and I decided to take a walk by the river. We walked and talked and looked at ducks and people trying to fish (not that I would want to catch anything out of our river…) for 25 minutes (1.32 miles and 158 calories). We ended our night watching more HIMYM and we’re almost done with season 2 already! Now I have a busy day ahead with a lot of cleaning because Christine and her boyfriend Tobi (who we’ve yet to meet!!) are flying in for the weekend for a wedding and will be staying with us!! Really looking forward to it!

*Side note, look at our beautiful houseguest we have right now!!

IMG_1585 IMG_1583


God makes such beautiful things 🙂

438.5 miles. (Spin class always helps rack up those miles! Remember though, I take the spin bike total and divide it by 3).


One Response to “A STRINGY FRUIT”

  1. Jami I. May 18, 2013 at 9:05 pm #

    Mangoes arent that stringy, you just have to learn to cut them correctly 🙂 I just figured it out recently. Look up a video on youtube about it. Hahah thats what I did. The core is SUPER weird and I never exactly cut it right, but there are ways. I also registered for a mango corer on my wedding registry from crate and barrel. hhaha

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